427. Fashion, an Evolving Universe…

rc427427. Fashion, an Evolving Universe…

I made leather similar to fabric and I played by applying both pressure and heat to create flowing movement and embossing effects.

I added an elastic fibre to jeans fabric to transform the classic jeans to a stretch jeans!

Why so many ideas? Each idea is born from a creative evolution and a desire to always do something different.

As Fashion moved from Florence to Milan I remained at the window. I watched, sometimes disappointed, sometimes horrified, at how Fashion was changing!

The focus of this transformation was not about creativity. It was an attempt to grab more and more potential markets. The designers were advertised in the same way as house cleaning detergents. A woman confident in her own beauty, always my muse, was no longer free to buy a dress to highlight her beauty without having to face the pressure of advertising. The trending cut, the trending colour and therefore the trending designers, were often light years away from her tastes and her aspirations.

The press, from the beginning, had supported the system. Why? I don’t know! Maybe there were too many interests which could prevail upon the freedom of thought. Journalists should have confined themselves to being critical, to judging and to reporting, without getting involved in this transformation…

Result? Fashion in recent decades has lost some of its natural evolution. It is dotted with too many references to the past, a myriad of collections inspired by the thirties and the sixties…

In the past there was a freedom, a necessity, to think creatively, to search for a new, specific style that could establish itself, naturally select itself, over the others. The designer was an artist and was often aware that his creative choice could result in a change in the usage at that time. Sometimes painters created the trends. There were variables in this creation. Colour was one of them

Fashion, like any other art form, is an evolving universe, constantly expanding. We should never stop inventing, creating… new techniques, materials, textures, designs and colours… they all reflect our changing world, our view of it and our place in it.


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