78. Speaking About my Bat-zodiac Makes me Long for Summer…

Roberto Cavalli78. Speaking about my Bat-zodiac makes me long for summer…

By now you know my passion for the sea. As a good Seadog I can tell you of my adventures in a boat, sailing around the Mediterranean…

You know almost everything about my FASHION… what I have already told you… what you read in the newspapers – mostly inaccurate… you already know too much!

The Cavalli PASSIONS… I am talking about the ones that make you discover the vibrations of life, but excluding those about women! You know that I am a helicopter stunt pilot… you know my passion for the sea which was one of my first passions. My mistake was perhaps to get acquainted with the sea in a small motorboat and grow with a passion for speed. I love to go fast, at sea on land and in the air!

Had I started with a small sailboat, I would have definitely sailed around the world “solo”! I have often told you that I do not feel fear… I fear absolutely nothing. If anything, “I am afraid of not feeling afraid!”

I must tell you of the passion that drove me to design my boat, known in various Mediterranean ports as “… the boat that changes color.”

It’s true… it changes color… The color, in fact, changes as a function of the observation point and its position in relation to the sun. This particular effect of the refraction of light is due to a special paint composed of thousands of micro-prisms and several coats of paint. I’m so in love with this effect that I used the same paint for the helicopter and the Smart car!Roberto Cavalli's boat

A major shipyard in Southern Italy asked me to design a 30-meter yacht for them. I was really flattered and it pleased me to venture into this new experience. I received help from a naval architect for the more technical issues so that I could focus on the creative aspects of the project!

I have so many ideas… do not want to be trivial… there are some ugly boats… I call them “FLAT IRONS!”… I have to get away from that style and give vent to my creativity… the boat I am drawing cannot be shorter than 37/38 meters!

The shipyard, while making much ado, tells me that they haven’t had the opportunity to build a yacht of this size before. My project is therefore shelved. But I like it so much that I decide to build it for myself!

I review the project and… “A PERFECT BOAT WITH THIS SHAPE AND DESIGN CAN NOT BE LESS THAN 41 METERS IN LENGHT…” In the construction phase the total length expands to 42 meters!

Enough for today… we will continue this story tomorrow… I’m writing this blog on the helicopter en route from Olbia to Florence… but do not worry, I am not the one piloting, I’m too tired!

Un bacino a tutti e… a domani!
Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli's boat

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  1. Ghazi Azzabi
    Ghazi Azzabi says:

    Saluti Sig. Roberto,

    summer is just around the corner, I can tell from the smell of the Spanish strawberries we just recieved at the Cavalli Club Restaurant and Lounge and which Chef Ernesto is transforming into a wonderfull Meringetto.

    The beauty of summer only lies in the mediterranean though, and from weather to discoveries of amazing natural landscapes, it makes for a real pleasurable experience, I don’t think any other part of the World lives summer like we do in the Med.

    Hope all is well, and speak soon,


  2. yana
    yana says:

    ohhh, what was the name of that american talk show… the interview with Roberto Cavalli and some guy that I didn’t know… you were telling about your boat that changes color… and the guy said “ehmm… I had a pair of JEANS that changed color… every time I washed them”:))) SO FUNNY:))))))

    is your Smart the only Smart in the world with that color?

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Che ganzo….. ma disegni pure le barche??
    O chi sei Leonardo da Vinci??? 🙂
    Grande Cavalli! Che bella la Barca!
    L’altra sera ero in centro per la notte Bianca a Firenze…. gira voce che eri lì anche te e che sei passato tra la folla come se fossi stato al gran marshall di New York!! Cavolo, c’èra un gran casino ed in effetti in un momento ho sentito la gente in via Calzaioli gridare ed applaudire…..che stavi passando te?
    ……Mi raccomando stasera per la nostra Viola….se vinciamo…siamo salvi! E finalmente stà stagione ce la buttiamo allo spalle e pensiamo al futuro…..bisgnoa sempre vivere nel futuro!!
    Un Abrraccio.

  4. Natalie Ballard
    Natalie Ballard says:

    Eccellente design ,Roberto!!! Avevo una bellissima occasione di vederla a Cannes al Cinefestival 2 anni fa. Incantevole!!! Spero di rivederti! )) I miei migliori auguri. Sei Grande!!!))

  5. Davide De Falco
    Davide De Falco says:

    In quanto alla velocita’ ha mai provato i kart 125 da gara? A me piace pero’ ci vuole coraggio per fare una cosa cosi’. Chissa quanti le dicono bella bella e zitti zitti la prendono in giro.Comunque La prossima volta che indosso una sua maglia e qualcuno mi dice come capita: si pero’ troppi colori glie lo dico vatti a vedere la barca sul blog poi parla. Complimenti continui così!

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