100. Do You Know What The Convivio Is?

Roberto Cavalli with Franca Sozzani

Roberto Cavalli with Franca Sozzani

100. Do You Know What The Convivio Is?

I could answer without thinking that it is a golden opportunity to meet friends of the Fashion Planet… Film… Art… Culture! But the real purpose of this wonderful evening is to raise funds to finance scientific research to defeat AIDS.

Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italy, is the promoter of this great initiative. The event takes place at this huge space in the old Fiera di Milano. Each fashion house rents a space which it fills with objects and its designer clothes that will be sold to the public who rush in with a great desire to buy… All proceeds will be donated to Anlaids. This year Vogue has dedicated a special section of Vintage clothing and the proceeds will go to earthquake victims in Emilia.Roberto Cavalli - Convivio 2012There is a great party to welcome designers and friends on the opening night. For dinner each fashion house takes a big table that is decorated by the designer himself! A brilliant idea and very funny!

Roberto Cavalli - Convivio 2012Upon my arrival, I am assaulted by photographers and television. I continue with a pleasant walk through the stands to see the proposals and the products offered for sale by the various fashion houses… I see many friends I have not seen in a while… I spend some time talking with Adriano Giannini, a young genius, talented and special… I have known him since he was a boy. His father, Giancarlo is one of Italy’s greatest actors. A kiss to Valeria Marini who is besieged by photographers as always!

Roberto Cavalli Group PhotoSimona Ventura introduces me to her boyfriend – we plan to meet soon for dinner. Simona is great… and beautiful…!

I continue my walk, accompanied by my staff’s press office. Finally … Franca Sozzani, truly unique, a true friend! She is very busy doing the honors with all the celebrities who have arrived… nevertheless she finds a moment to give me a hug! I love the sincerity in her eyes… all the more rare in this world of fashion, where sincerity and spontaneity have faded over time!

Roberto Cavalli Group Photo

How stunning… Franca…! I keep looking at her as I walk away… her long golden hair is a perfect frame for her beautiful slim figure!

I will meet Franca again later during the search for my table. I continue my walk, the path is designed to create an opportunity to visit the stands of the exhibitors.Roberto Cavalli - Convivio 2012Finally we arrive at the great hall. There are more than one hundred tables set and fancifully decorated by every designer. Some are very funny and very imaginative, other less so like their designers!Roberto Cavalli - Convivio 2012

For lovers of numerology… my table is number 49. Among my guests, Romy, the young British singer of a very young group from London, The XX, beloved by the young! Daniela and Vincenzo Novari also sit at my table, they are great friends with whom I spend a pleasant evening! They are among the few friends in whom I can confide and share my joys and sorrows!

A big hug to Franca Sozzani… “la più grande della moda…” the queen of our Fashion Planet!

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. WXTCI
    WXTCI says:

    hi Roberto Very Beautiful Vidéo & very Nice Pics beautiful day Love you Franca & touti Italia Moda you have a big hart Love you Roberto & AIDS too you Formidable

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!
    Ce ne vorrebbero molte di queste serate, la solidarietà, l’aiuto per il prossimo e il “fare qualcosa a riguardo” sono molto, molto importanti.
    Ce ne vorrebbe una anche per la Fiorentina di queste serate….!!! (scherzo ovviamente), anche se ultimamente con il nuovo direttore sportivo e il nuovo allenatore (mi piacciono abbastanza entrambi, ma si sà, visti i precedenti meglio andarci con i piedi di piombo…..!) pare si stia riaprendo un ciclo…..speriamo!
    Un Abbraccio. 🙂

  3. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Very nice post Mr. Cavalli! Such events like the Convivio are extremely important for our society nowadays.
    I enjoyed the pics and the video. Your table looks lovely and has its own style, I mean Cavalli style. Love it!




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