166. Indian Evening, Unforgettable!

Roberto Cavalli166. Indian Evening, Unforgettable!

One of the most prestigious families in New Delhi hosted a dinner in my honor in a dream home!

The special surprise was that each guest had to wear traditional Indian dress with the ladies in saris, so colorful, embroidered and imaginative!  I could be a good sari designer…I love them very much and, although they cover most of the female body, I find them very sexy!

Roberto Cavalli with Manav Gangwani

Roberto Cavalli with Manav Gangwani

Manav, the Indian gentleman who has given me his trust by opening this beautiful boutique in New Delhi, is also a talented sari designer.  In the afternoon he took us into his boutique to choose a special dress for the evening.

Cristiana, after trying on different saris has chosen a green sari, the same color as that chosen by her husband Francesco for his long jacket and pants.  My friend, who accompanied me on this journey, has chosen a long black sari with light gold embroidery, very chic, not dissimilar to an elegant western style evening dress.

For me the choice was unanimous, a long black Nehru jacket with a stiff embroidered collar. I felt like an elegant Indian, so privileged to have been invited to dress this way.

I was thrilled when I found myself in front of a vast green lawn with a central large statue of a female head, a sculpture by a renowned Indian artist, a work of inestimable value!

The hosts, owners of much wonder, greet me and are excited to meet me.  Mutual emotion!  I could not be more spontaneous. I looked around as a shy boy in front of one of the seven wonders!

A continuous fashion show of beautiful ladies in colorful saris, all gorgeous… all ages… all super special… wonderful… I was ecstatic!  I can assure you that it is not easy to make me feel these emotions!

I did not know where to look next. Each lady handed me a smile… black eyes, mysterious, bewitched me and my eyes were smitten by the fantastic colors of the saris… pink… turquoise… blue… green…

So many ideas for my next collection… I was really conquered!

The queen paid me so many compliments on my art in fashion… The beautiful home owner took me by the hand and showed me every corner of this magnificent mansion! She explained the wonderful paintings, the best of Indian arts!

We sat at a large table, expertly set with gold chargers, many colorful flowers and a light that created a warm and special atmosphere as the flames of the many candles lit up the room!

I have really tried to convey all my feeling of this incredible evening…

My life is wonderful and you are my “complici”…

Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli
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  1. Archie
    Archie says:

    Such beautiful faces and beautiful colors. I love your style and collections forever 🙂 Welcome to India, and i am sure we all are very happy to have you here.

  2. fardin
    fardin says:

    Welcome to INDIA.. 🙂
    we r really glad that u open one of ur store in india at new delhi.
    I m really a great admirrer of ur work and style and especially of ur bags.
    so i really hope u can do good bussiness at india.
    Thank u.

  3. yana
    yana says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh… Che meraviglia!!!!!! una volta sono stata ad un matrimonio indiano, era bellissimo, ma ero una dei pochi in vestiti occidentali, mi sentivo fuori luogho… mi sono innamorata in questi tessuti, ho comprato due sari, mai messi… no, una volta ad un ballo in maschera:))) ho anche delle scarpe dorati “Alladdin style”, li uso come portagioielli:))))

    Bella questa decoratione natalizia del blog:))))

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