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342. La Stamperia, The Printing House.

Roberto Cavalli Blog342. La Stamperia, The Printing House.

La Stamperia – the Printing House – is my kingdom… La Stamperia is the place where I get my hands dirty with colours… where the anonymous fabrics are embellished by my colourful prints… where we create your dreams with colours…

What would life be if we had no colours? A life in shades of grey, like one of those minimalistic designers who use the grey scale. Sure, shades ranging from white to black are endless but colour gives us unique emotions… colour is Love, Happiness, Joie de Vivre!

Colour allows us to define our personality, our mood. Colour transfers our emotions instantaneously to the whole world…

I love colours and I enjoy being in La Stamperia. Like a child, I am having fun while creating the different colours and shades that are printed on my fabrics. I like to experiment and to create from nothing those dream dresses that allow me to give every woman joyful moments and make every woman feel she is at the center of the universe…

La Stamperia is one of the most important aspects of my creative process. Each dress is a work of art, created with love and passion. Here in La Stamperia colours seem to be eager to leave their containers and mingle with each other in a magical dance to give life to fabrics…

Craftsmen who hand down this art for generations realize each step in the elaborate process of creating a dress with professional competence.

La Stamperia is the venue of one of the most important steps, the creation of each fabric, so precious and unique, that it is destined to become a dress in the Roberto Cavalli collection!

It fills me with joy to watch my grandchildren draw and turn those white sheets of paper into an explosion of colours…

I love colour, colour is part of my life… a part to be passed on to my children and grandchildren…


Roberto Cavalli Blog

Roberto Cavalli Blog

Roberto Cavalli Blog

Roberto Cavalli Blog

Roberto Cavalli Blog

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Sono molto contenta di vedere la Sua Stamperia: grazie moltissimo per la Sua gentilezza! Ho visto qualche orologgio italuani in “El Corte Inglés” (Madrid) che erano molto belli, ma nessuno era cosï bello come quello che Lei mi ha dato in regalo nel 2008. GRAZIE un’altra volta.

  2. arash ghorbanzadeh
    arash ghorbanzadeh says:

    my legend
    من همیشه عاشق شما بوده و هستم و کارهای شمارو دنبال میکنم امیدوارم هرچه زودتر شعبه کاوالی تو و تهران افتتاح بشه
    خیلی دوست داشتم کتاب تون رو داشته باشم ولی تو ایران نیست
    arash – IRAN
    Hope to see you in Iran and Tehran

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