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360. Just Cavalli, a creative collection, full of imagination!

Roberto Cavalli360. Just Cavalli, a creative collection, full of imagination!

Enough of monotony! Enough of “prudent” fashion that limits creativity, imagination. Enough of boring fashion that takes away the natural joy of wearing a dress and takes away the Joie de Vivre!

I know, I’m the one getting monotonous now, repeating the same things over and over… but, in this fantastic world of fashion, creativity is the very cornerstone of every collection!

Unfortunately today many big brands choose a different approach. Creativity is limited because of the fear that being daring could lead to a reduction in sales… I trust those young designers who bring forward their ideas by developing their creativity…

And that’s why in the Just Cavalli collection Fall / Winter 2015-16 I wanted, once again, to give vent to my creativity, daring, pushing beyond the confines of a minimalist, flat fashion.

A collection created with such a palette of colors, cut with such style, with new fabrics… a fashion that gives the wearer the pleasure of turning heads, of savouring such triumph…a fashion that allows the enjoyment of a new and private fantasy world!

Women do not like to get bored! On the contrary, they like to experiment, transform, to become a new vision of themselves each time they wear the dress!

Today was a great day, full of positive energy, full of satisfaction…

I would like to read your comments … know your point of view.

A day off and then on Saturday 28, at 12:3 there will be a Fashion Show for the collection “Roberto Cavalli Fall / Winter 2015-16” I can’t wait!

Un grosso bacio!


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