38. Everybody ready? I am leaving for Dubai…

Roberto Cavalli on I-WISH

Roberto Cavalli on I-WISH

38. Everybody ready? I am leaving for Dubai.
I have invited along my daughter Cristiana with her partner Francesco and their son Gabriele who is now one year old – my wonderful grandson, my only grandson.

My daughter Rachele and my son Tommaso have blessed me with six granddaughters, as cute as cute can be and all females!
So Gabriele is the first new generation of Cavalli male although he has a different surname.

Gabriele slept the whole trip, five hours and a half.
After I take a great Spritz and several sleep drops and maybe I overdid it because I didn’t wake up until I felt the friction of the tires on the runway at Dubai.

It is not yet fully daylight, it’s seven and the sky is still red and about to turn into an intense azure!

Royal Mirage Hotel - Dubai

Royal Mirage Hotel - Dubai

The suites at the Royal Mirage Hotel welcome me with all their opulence!
A very nice apartment in a Hotel that extends east to a beautiful white sand beach!
I am making you dream? Perhaps a little envious?

Unfortunately, I do not know how much time I have to devote to myself.
Meeting with reporters all day will force me to smile, even when I do not feel like smiling!

Checking my appointments I found that I am free until tomorrow after which I will have to be a serious person and smile as required!

Gabriele sleeping on the flight to Dubai

Gabriele sleeping on the flight to Dubai

This evening I booked a Chinese restaurant…
Come with me?

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. yana
    yana says:

    Royal Mirage??? Io ci sono stata!!!! È bellissimo, una oasi bellissima, perfetta per un bambino di 1 anno:))) Quanto caldo fa li adesso? E il Cavalli Club sta li vicino?

  2. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Certo che la famiglia Cavalli è proprio numerosa… Penso sia una cosa molto bella!!
    Vedendo le foto da internet del Royal Mirage… Cavolo sembra di vivere davvero in un sogno!
    Oggi pensa solo a divertirti, rilassarti e magari fai un salto al Cavalli Club… So essere un locale molto bello ed alla moda!
    Per questa sera… Che peccato ma abbiamo già prenotato dall’Americano (McDonald’s)… A saperlo avrei fatto volentieri qualche Km in più per un tuo invito a cena 🙂 la prossima volta va bene?
    Ciao Roberto e buona fortuna per domani com tutti i giornalisti

    We love you too


  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Ciao Roberto!
    The big family it is very wonderful! Gabriele is the charming kid. Let grows healthy, happy kid and pleases all time of the relatives. I wish you continuation of man’s generation of Cavalli. The children is flowers of the life 🙂 . Chinese restaurant… It is tasty 🙂 with you…. invitingly, but I am afraid that this time it will impossible….next time… 🙂

    With love from Saint-Petersburg

  4. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Buona sera Mr Cavalli, sara bello a Dubai mi imagino,ti auguro una bell viaggio con la tua famiglia. Ci sentiamo .Tanti saluti da Frøydis In Norvegia

  5. Nina
    Nina says:

    salam alaikum & marhaba dear roberto,
    good to read it´s time to say … Dubaiiiii for you.
    I gonna fasten my seatbelt there too soon 🙂 Certainly you have been there already many times,
    so i bet you saw already the daily amazing & sparkling lightshow in front of dubai & burj khalifa????
    Your grandkids will love it too – like a firework coming out from the aqua.

    so have a great time there.
    once again – as always: your fall/winter collection makes me high and very satisfied.
    you are a real fashion master, signore cavalli! Keep on what you can best: inspire us & creating the most gorgeous fabric creations for your fans to wrap into cavalli skin!

    xoxo & enjoy 1001 oriental nights / or at least hours 🙂


  6. Ghazi Azzabi
    Ghazi Azzabi says:

    Caro Snr. Cavalli,

    It was a pleasure having you in Dubai again and I sincerely hope you enjoyed the wonderful weather and the launch of your wonderful new perfume.

    The ladies absolutely adored seeing you at the Cavalli Club and you always bring this “Je ne sais quoi” to us.

    Hope to see you soon again with us and while we await your next visit, may you fare well.



  7. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalil I always get a bit envious when it comes to Dubai! It’s my dream city.. I wish I could visit it with you.. or at least on my own..
    Roberto your 60’s post has come out today and I’m still reading the 38th one.. so busy with my work this month.. wish i could go back to the time when i woke up in the morning and the first thing i did was reading your new post… Can’t stop saying that I’m truly blessed to be so close to you and your life Mr Cavalli.


    LOVE U

    Your #1 fan

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