399. Romantic, Feminine, Dreamy, Bold, Charming…

Roberto Cavalli with Edita Vilkeviciute399. Romantic, Feminine, Dreamy, Bold, Charming…

What special alchemy, what set of ingredients, what recipe combines to produce what we all recognize as Feminine Charm?
Is there a magic potion impossible to resist…?

Perfume, which appeals directly to our senses in a most primal way is a means through which over the millennia a woman has used her guile to seduce her hapless, helpless but willing victims.

Scents, oils of the most subtle delicacy were already in use by the ancient Egyptians over 5,000 years ago and widely used by all peoples of all civilizations surrounding the ancient Mediterranean… Greeks, Romans and Arabs.

I have always been fascinated by the power perfume has over our minds to recall feelings and memories from our past… and always with such delightful immediacy.

Even images or music can evoke a person, a special moment but scents are incredibly more powerful, more immediate. It is as if there is a direct and privileged connection, a key to unlock the archives of our minds… scents have the ability to unleash a whirlwind of sensations and evoke those moments that seemed stored away forever and relive those moments like a pleasant dream…

A fantastic dress thoughtfully completed with accessories that emphasize your image, your personality… add just two drops of perfume and that special moment will be forever imprinted in your memory…

By working with the Maîtres Parfumeurs at Coty I learned a lot about perfumes, their fragrances, their origins, their combinations…

I tried so many variations to the point of feeling elated and completely at the mercy of those pleasant feelings that each fragrance can give… sometimes soft sensations and sometimes sensations more strong, more direct…

Nature has its own perfumes.  The spring and autumn as well as summer and winter have their distinctive aromas that evoke memories and remind us of past seasons.

Through nature we have learned to use and measure out the ingredients and cultivate those special, unique fragrances.  Paradise is the name of my latest creation, a special scent, dedicated to women’s beauty and charm.

What scents awaken your memories?


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3 replies
  1. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    I Profumi…gl’odori…le fragranze… risvegliano tutti i nostri Sensi…
    anche quelli piú nascosti…é Vero <3

    Quello che preferivo prima era Roma "maschile" !!!!!!…per caso ne ho scoperto uno molto particolare e delicato é Francese…si chiama Marquise di (Mathilde M.) da Macon.
    Ma ovviamente il Nero Cavalli, il Tropical just cavalli e Paradiso..non mancano mai…sono con me per tutto il Giorno 😀 :* <3

  2. Alvuela Franco
    Alvuela Franco says:

    Il profumo e’ come la personalità, molto soggettivo. Io preferisco le fragranze dolci, fresche e poco speziate. Sono un’amante delle essenze naturali più marine che montane. Paradiso di Roberto Cavalli e’ il mio preferito!

  3. Maia
    Maia says:

    Good morning, Mr. Cavalli. I agree with all you say. Nonetheless I must remind you that BEAUTY is a combination of external looks and internal SUBSTANCE. A beautiful face with a mediocre brain might attract, BUT will not necessarily win a heart. The perfect combination of external looks and OUTSTANDING intelligence is IRRESISTIBLE! OUTSTANDING intelligence is what seduces/fascinates me the most. My five senses are HIGHLY developed, thanks God! Almost anything can evoke scenes from the past to me. Sone years ago, I opened a faucet -in northern Spain, during the summer- and the particular cold temperature of its water brought very vividly to my mind a scene that I had lived in New York City during my college years. I LOVE perfumes/colognes. J’adore (CD) is my favorite, though I LOVE RC fragrances! Saluti

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