91. The Day After…

91. The Day After…
The street-cleaning machines are already at work. Looks like the end of the carnival… confetti and trumpets belong to the past. In front of the major hotels a few fans linger in the hope of seeing some famous actor with suitcases in hand…
Celebrities in Roberto Cavalli - Festival de Cannes 2012On the harbor front you begin to see some gaps. The larger boats have weighed anchor at dawn… just after the departure of the owner… who left Cannes in good company… a beautiful star… or a model of the moment!
Celebrities in Roberto Cavalli The journey is short, Cannes – Monte Carlo! Already… on the eve of the Formula 1 Grand Prix… you feel the rumble of high-powered engines… a racing team is already testing the circuit. The folklore of the Cote D’Azur continues!Celebrities in Roberto Cavalli Red carpet glamor to cutting-edge technology… in one leap… in one lap… the new stars are the fast cars of Formula One!
Beauty… appearance… speed… these are the greatest desires that master our dreams!Celebrities in Roberto Cavalli I am there! More present than myself… my fashions… my creations… worn by fascinating, beautiful women…
A French newspaper calls it “The Cavalli Festival!”Celebrities in Roberto Cavalli

I left my mark, glamour and class!

Ciao Festival, we will meet again next year!

Un bacino.

Roberto Cavalli

Cannes Film Festival 2012: Celebrities in Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!
    Il festival di Cavalli……wow! Sarei orgoglioso se usassero questo aggettivo nei miei confronti!
    Complimenti per i vestiti e per chi li indossa…..stupendi!!
    Sei sempre il numero uno…
    Un Abbraccio

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