CLASS Roberto Cavalli Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012-2013

CLASS Roberto Cavalli Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012-2013

The CLASS Roberto Cavalli Autumn Winter 2012-13 menswear collection takes its inspiration from the well-known film ‘Room with a View’, directed by James Ivory. The main character of the film, a young English lord, has a very particular and intense experience living abroad in Italy along with a group of eccentrics and whimsical characters, staying for a long period of time in the magical Florence at the beginning of the 1900s.
The CLASS Roberto Cavalli wardrobe remains faithful to a typically masculine image: the traditional aspect is not only visible in the shape, but is revealed in the small decorative details, among which is the lily, which is a symbolic reference to the city of Florence.

The style is sophisticated, the cut is British, with tailor-made jackets in mohair wool with patterns varying between maxi-check prints and multicolor madras prints.

The CLASS Roberto Cavalli man dresses in a typically tailored fashion, while at the same time is free from the moulds of the past, reinventing tailoring with a wardrobe that is a cross between the classic and the casual, giving it a somewhat glamorous yet sophisticated image.

The choice of fabrics include mixed cashmeres, woolen crêpe for the jackets with a tailored cut, corduroy and wool jersey jacquard for jackets deconstructed with a retro feel.

The prints cast the shirts with classic Florentine elements and alternate between micro polka dots, multicolored check, tone-on-tone animalier print and cashmere paisley patches.

Like the main character of the film, the CLASS Roberto Cavalli man chooses his palette of colors as inspired by English gardens, ranging from green to burnt tones, to amaranth red.

The evening atmosphere references the dandy, wearing a purple velvet smoking jacket and a blazer in micro patterned silk/wool jacquard.