184. On the Train with Lupo…

Roberto Cavalli with Lupo184. On the Train with Lupo…

I never imagined being able to travel by train with Lupo.  By chance I heard of this new openness, on the part of the Italian Railways, which allows us to travel in the company of our four-legged friends.

A good initiative for we who love animals and cannot do without their company, or, having to travel, do not know where to leave them.

I am comfortably sitting in first class and Lupo is lying under my seat.  How I would like to take a picture, but I’m afraid I cannot.

It was not easy to make him understand what a muzzle is and explain to him that some other dogs are not so friendly and so to avoid problems, dear Lupo, you have to keep this strange contraption on your mouth!

He receives many compliments… the muzzle is quite unnecessary.  Many want to stroke him… he clearly looks a friendly dog!

I was away from Florence for a long time.  After my surgery I had to rest and try not to think too much… but that is impossible just ten days away from the fashion shows!

I spend most of my time on the computer organising via e-mail all those problems that I can solve.   There are so many… I cannot rest my mind!

Lupo is asleep, the roll and rhythm of the train is facilitating his sleep!

Un bacio grande a tutti and a lick from Lupo!

Roberto Cavalli

House in Florence

House in Florence

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