310. Instagram…

Roberto Cavalli310. Instagram…

Dear Friends… I know you by your names, your images and nothing more…

I love to browse Instagram… I find it funny and full of talented people who want to express themselves through their images…

I don’t like the vulgar, blatant advertising of the body and those sexy questionable games that should be eliminated.

Instagram should show who we are… our character… our life… who we love and who we want to love…

I believe Instagram is a very interesting form of communication with a lot of potential… at risk of been undermined by the questionable advertising of objects and bodies…

I want to show everyone the beauty of the places I visited on my holidays… I’m holding back because I don’t know how many of you would be interested…

My fans expect photos of fashion… and love to comment on them… the artist displays his work and welcomes informed critiques…

My desire is to let you know me, show you who’s behind the stylist who many love and respect…

Love and family… feelings and sensations… emotions and… life…!

I would like to dedicate a month to introduce myself to you…
Let me show you what my life is and will be… in this way I hope to be able to show you my dreams!

I’ll show you my long trips … I want to introduce you to the many people I love and admire… people from all walks of life… you do not need to be famous to be a special person.

Instagram seems to have become a big ass game show with fools caught in the Ice Bucket Challenge… it’s just advertising… they could have donated money without exhibitionism…

Too many issues are changing the world. With our love, our intelligence and our culture we should stop vulgarity and stupidity…

Have you noticed that there are some people with millions of followers… how have some of them won so many followers? With their huge rear ends… with vulgar images… they have paid for their followers…



Roberto Cavalli


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  1. Lucy
    Lucy says:

    Very well said. Unfortunately too many games and too many illusions undermine platforms of expression and sharing like Instagram. Sometimes you got to wonder what’s real and what’s not and if it is real are you sharing it to make someone else feel better or to make yourself feel better.

  2. yana
    yana says:

    I LOVE INSTAGRAM! da quando mi sono registrata fine 2012 uso molto piu raramente la mia adorata Nikon… Instagram è comodissimo. .. veloce e divertente (adoro I filtri!!!) A volte mi fa impazzire il fatto che l’immagine debba essere un quadrato ma ormai ho imparato dei trucchi;) instagram è diventato il mio diario visivo, spesso per ricordarmi QUANDO è successo qualcosa vado a vedere quando e stata caricata la foto… e non tutti capiscono ma sono orgogliosissima del fatto che Eva e Robert Cavalli hanno messo “mi piace” su alcune mie foto:)))))))
    @yana_zabarska 😉

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Che dire….. Ben Detto!
    Troppo troppo troppo spesso “culi e tette” (scusate la schiettezza) la fanno da padrona per prendere qualche manciata di like e/o followers…..
    Per cosa poi? A che scopo?
    E ora con le secchiate…. gente che si tira secchiate di ghiaccio per “aiutare la ricerca sulla SLA…”
    La ricerca si aiuta donando soldi, energie e altre cose…..non con una secchiata di ghiaccio in capo!!
    Tantissimi VIP si sono tirati la secchiata….. ma l’assegno di donazione…. come mai non lo fanno mai vedere…?
    Le persone si giudicano dalle proprie azioni……dal proprio comportamento….., non dalle foto dei fondoschiena o dai secchi di acqua in capo….!!
    Un Abbraccio…


  4. Maia
    Maia says:

    I have no time for social nets, and I don’ like them, anyway. You are very right about the reigning vulgarness. I am very culturally oriented: we have 30.000 perfectly classified books. 75% of our walls are covered with white masonry book shelves. I love artistic photography, and though I am a galaxy away from you as a photographer, my friends tell me I have an “artistic eye” when I take pictures.. I tend to bring out the best of people when I photograph them. Probably because I have a tendency to stress the best qualities of the people I come in contact with. I have very nice pictures of New York City and of the most important cities of Europe, but I will never open an Instagram account because of the aforementioned reasons. I am very happy you have one, though, so that we can enjoy ourselves looking at your beautiful pictures. And last but not least, I have gorgeous pictures of your house and your garden. One of the pictures I am very fond of is one in your BEAUTIFUL kitchen with one of your miniature dogs (a she dog). The picture I have with you, next to the wooden staircase next to your dining room, is too spontaneous. Saluti

  5. Selma
    Selma says:

    Mr Cavalli you are absolutely great at everything you do as a public figure. Your art (the writing on this blog included) is undeniably amazing. I am not such a big fan of social networks such FB, Instagram, and alikes. I just keep a Twitter account to be updated on issues that I like and the news around the world. And it’s always nice to read your posts. Cheers from Rio de Janeiro.

  6. Barbara Estevez
    Barbara Estevez says:

    Good for you to say so. Love your post and all you do, especially when you blog about fashion, family and Lupo, If many people like you can write like that, maybe our society will change for good.. Hope you have a good day and keep blogging so I will keep learning from a Master.

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