311. Taormina, Capri, Ischia, Procida, Porto Rotondo, Firenze!

Roberto Cavalli311 Taormina, Capri, Ischia, Procida, Porto Rotondo, Firenze!

Taormina, Capri, Ischia, Procida, Porto Rotondo, Firenze!
One of the beauties of traveling is to come back home, find family members, friends, your own bed, all the fragrances and unique flavours of your own home!

Traveling is indeed one of the experiences that more than others enriches our lives. It transports us to faraway places, it introduces us to new people… people and places that will remain forever in our hearts.

Traveling is a powerful magic… traveling is an experience that everyone should have… you can tell somebody about it but it is something you need to experience for yourself for it to become a part of your DNA …

Nature and my trips are my principal sources of inspiration … through my clothes I will transport you to those wonderful places that are at home in my heart…

The return trip from Greece was very inspiring. We decided to linger in some of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean to discover how beautiful our Italian coast really is…

The first stop was Taormina, a small corner of paradise… during the Creation God probably decided to linger here a few more days just to show us what nature is able to offer…

The island of Capri, the Faraglioni… then the island of Ischia and Procida…

Wonderful colors… incredibly beautiful landscapes and sunsets that make you fall in love…

I’m proud to be Italian… our country is a blend of beauty… we should give greater emphasis to our beautiful country… our heritage is one of the most unique in the world!

I’m already working on the next catwalks of Milan Moda Donna. Thursday, September 18 for Just Cavalli and Saturday, September 20 for Roberto Cavalli. The location will always be the Arco della Pace in Piazza Sempione.

I’ll see you there…


Roberto Cavalli


Taormina 3

Taormina 2

Taormina 1

San Angelo Ischia


Porto Rotondo - Il Tramonto


faraglioni 2

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  1. arash
    arash says:

    I love you, you’re fabulous, I hope one day to see up close, and as you become a successful person
    arash .ghorbanzadeh ..from IRAN
    من عاشق شما هستم شما افسانه من هستید و ارزو دارم روزی از نزدیک ببینم و همانند شما ادم موفقی شوم
    arash ghorbanzadeh From iran

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