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322 Today I am in my office in Florence…

Roberto Cavalli322 Today I am in my office in Florence…

A full busy day at the office today… I might be working late tonight…

I am in Osmannoro, the location of the “Factory of Dreams”, as I like to call the Florentine headquarters of Roberto Cavalli.

Osmannoro is an area located outside the northern entrance to Florence, close to the airport and the highway. When the offices in the beautiful Piazza D’Azeglio in Florence became too small for our rate of growth, I chose to move the Cavalli Maison to Osmannoro, an area that was easily accessible to all and that had the potential to meet future growth.

When I look around I see that my office is full of objects that are part of my life… drawings, paintings, photos, objects that I have designed and furniture that I have selected to make this workplace an extension of my own home…

Here I have all that I need to create new collections, including the thousands of photos shot during my travels around the world…

Each image carries with it a multitude of feelings… of memories… have you ever looked at a picture and conjured up the scents and smells of that place? Sometimes I catch myself thinking about the capacity of our minds: in a fraction of a second we can connect, images, scents, sounds and emotions…

Un caro abbraccio…


Roberto Cavalli

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