323. Happy Birthday Ester!

Roberto-Cavalli-with-Ester-Sara-Anna-and-Gabriele323. Happy Birthday Ester!

We celebrated my granddaughter Ester’s birthday.

How quickly they grow! It seems that only yesterday I could hold her in my arms… I turned around for what seems like just a moment and she has already matured into a fine young lady!

Maybe it’s a cliché, but I have a feeling that today you grow faster than ever before… maybe it’s the Internet, or perhaps when you are young you have the feeling that time passes at a slower pace…

We should try to spend more time with our children and our grandchildren… these are the most precious moments that life gives us…

Tempus fugit, time flies, as the Latins said. Time runs fast and does not wait for us. It does not allow us the luxury of lingering and savouring those special moments in small sips, like a fine wine…

Every birthday at the Cavalli home turns into a big party! The little ones are in turmoil for several days… they cannot wait … it’s a great opportunity to gather together and celebrate!

I must confess that I look forward to these celebrations too… I like to celebrate these moments with my children and my grandchildren… these are the moments that fill my heart!

Now I cannot wait to celebrate the next birthday and, happily surrounded by so many children and grandchildren, I will not have long to wait!

Un grande bacio…


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  1. Gabriela Ghorbani
    Gabriela Ghorbani says:

    Indeed happy birthday ester! She shares my husband and best friend Mazi which you met in the Maldives- today is his b day and we celebrate in beautiful San Francisco!

    Happy day ester to you!

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