217. I’m in Florence… Last Week of Work Before the Summer Holidays…

Roberto Cavalli - Ponte Vecchio217. I’m in Florence… Last Week of Work Before the Summer Holidays…

Although my second home is Milan, my heart is always in Florence and every time I go back I experience a new renaissance…

Florence is an incredibly beautiful city and she knows it, a prima donna, you cannot neglect her, and you should always show her how much you care… Florence knows how to listen to you and she gives you emotions that only a city with so much history, beauty and culture can offer…

Often when I walk in the narrow streets of the city I find myself thinking how much history has gone through these places… I imagine the women of the past dressed with the grace and taste that has always been at home here…

Every building, every door, every single brick has its own history… here in Florence you breathe the art of great artists… Brunelleschi… Leonardo da Vinci… Michelangelo… Giotto… Cimabue … Donatello… Masaccio… Botticelli…

Florence gave me so much and continues to do… every time I leave I already know that I cannot stay away from her for too long. I like to make her jealous… but she knows that it is a subtle play between lovers and she is waiting for me, patiently… always smiling… and every time she forgives me…!

It’s such a delight to see my grandchildren again, I wonder how they grow so fast…!

This is my last week in the office and I have to prepare the final details of the collections for the fashion shows in September, shorten that skirt… alter this accessory… change that color scheme…

I am fortunate to have great professionals by my side who seem to know how to read my thoughts… they are able to interpret my directions… each new collection is a recurring magic… months and months of work culminating in those fifteen minutes on the catwalk… the flashes… the applause… the interviews…

But now is the time to turn off switches… Italy stops, only for a moment, a short summer break. We shall go back to work in late August with a great desire to start again… in our great Italy, land of travelers, musicians and artists…

Un bacio…


Roberto Cavalli



Battistero di San Giovanni - Brunelleschi Dome

Battistero di San Giovanni – Brunelleschi Dome

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Florence has the soul that Milan lacks. Venice and Florence replenish my soul, while Milan shrinks it. The vibrations I perceive in Milan are always negative: ambition, lust for fame and indifference about the authentic values of life. That is why I prefer Bergamo Alta. Buone vacanze!

  2. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    Il Giogliello dell’ Italia é Firenze…
    Il Fiore dell’Arte …dell’ inventiva …della creativitá
    Firenze lé proprio bella!!!!
    essendo mio padre un artista , mi parlava spesso dei suoi Musei, dei suoi artisti e delle opere architettoniche…. ed ogni volta sembrava essere immersi in una Fiaba.
    Firenze…Ancora non ho avuto il piacere di visitarla fondo…
    Mio padre tempo fá avrebbe voluto comprare addirittura un Castello in Toscana (ho quello che ne rimaneva) vicino al Mare con un bel Vigneto…he,un bel brindisi con un buon Vino non puó mancare mai!
    Le Auguro un Buon Lavoro per la sua nuova Collezzione…

    Con Affetto
    Marí 😀

  3. Kamal L Wyatt
    Kamal L Wyatt says:

    Such a beautiful statement Snr Cavalli. I live in Los Angeles, CA and I wish I could so simply express how beautiful it is – I can not; I can easy talk about how interesting it is, but it is very difficult to find the beauty here in LA. The lucky ones can remember LA as “Hollywood”, and with that label imprinted in ones brain, the beauty is in the Glamour – example: Hollywood is the smile of a young gorgeous Actress elegantly exiting from her car with a stunning Cavalli gown along with several beautiful armed body guards dressed in Just Cavalli suits there to keep the photographer’s flashing strobes and shouts of excitment under control. But again, this is only seen in print. These days if you were to see a celebrity, they would be dressed as unattractive as a grade school child – no glamour there. If I could think of any landscape or construction, natural or man made that could compare to a classical painting or sculpure I would for sure embrace it. I guess it reminds me where beauty truly rests. I should have been born a little italian man from Florence – perhaps then, I could notice the Los Angeles oceans, home architecture and furnishings, mountain vistas and the wonderful sun light that paints whatever it touches with every color under the rainbow during the time of magic. Even with that said, I would still want to come back to Italy. Somewhere in Italy, I am convinced lives an Italian man wondering why he was not born a black man in America – our charms must have been switched at spiritual conception.

  4. Stella
    Stella says:

    Egregio Sig. Cavalli,

    mi permetto di contattarla innanzitutto per farle i complimenti a lei e al blog.
    Poi le volevo chiedere una cosa, visto che lei conosce bene la costa azzurra e Saint Tropez,
    desidererei gentilmente sapere, visto quest’estate volevo andare in vacanza in costa azzurra, (andandoci da sola visto il mio ragazzo non vuole venire) se è pericoloso andarci per una donna sola? Cosa mi consiglia di visitare? Conosce luoghi interessanti? Qualche ristorante o hotel da consigliare? Avrei voluto visitare Eze, Cagnes sur Mare, Jan Cap Ferrant, Cannes e Saint Tropez, così visiterò anche suo negozio e Cavalli Caffè. La ringrazio tanto attendendo una sua gentile risposta. nel frattempo la saluto e auguro a lei, alla sua famiglia e al suo staff buone vacanze meritate!
    Tanti cari saluti Stella

  5. Stella
    Stella says:

    Egregio Sig. Cavalli,

    Grazie tanto per aver posato il mio commento.

    Il periodo che vorrei andare è agosto.

    Attendo sue informazioni e idee.

    Saluti a tutti e buone vacanze!

  6. Sara Larsson
    Sara Larsson says:

    I don’t have many days left to live and you would make me so happy if you wrote to me ! I am a really big fan of yours i think you are amazing
    I await and hope for you respond on My email
    Thank you
    Big hug

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