120. Saint Tropez… A Fun Week… Carefree… Spent Too Quickly!

Saint Tropez Sunset

Saint Tropez Sunset

120. Saint Tropez… A Fun Week… Carefree… Spent Too Quickly!

I’m in my helicopter… the sea is 500 meters below me… I see the ripples of the waves… much wind… it is not easy to keep the helicopter straight…

Leaving Saint Tropez

Leaving Saint Tropez

I’m piloting but my mind is still in Saint Tropez… I am leaving the boat… my crew is waving at me until my car is out of sight…

It is beautiful and we have fun together. I like to bring a smile to those who work for me as well as to myself!

The Mega-Yacht

Yesterday afternoon the great… fantastic… Jedward twins came to say a final farewell. The feelings with the twins John and Edward develop quickly, with the promise to meet again soon… I’m delighted they have asked to design a special outfit for them…
They seem from another planet but their feelings are very well grounded!

After an enjoyable dinner at the “Brasserie Des Art” after we go to “Les Caves du Roy”, the most “IN” disco on the Cote d’Azur… I cannot leave without greeting and being greeted by the most beautiful people on the Cote d’Azur…

The DJ is a dear friend… when he sees me he yells out my name a hundred times to engage me… drawing me into the huge crowd of people who are dancing… The room is totally dark… the only lights are the colored lights that change color and position every few seconds!

I’ve never seen so many people … I do not think that it would be allowed in Italy… almost everybody is smoking… I am besieged… caught up in the crowd…

My friends did not come in with me preferring to stay outside… we get together onboard for a nightcap!

Flying over Florence

Flying over Florence

I am flying over Florence… flying above Piazza del Duomo… flying… feeling like “padrone del mondo”

Un bacino a tutti!

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Lisa Hafey
    Lisa Hafey says:

    It does my heart good to see you enjoying John & Edward so much – they really do have hearts of gold, and I look forward to whatever collaborative efforts you come up with together!

  2. F.G.
    F.G. says:

    Firenze la citta`piu bella del mondo per me . Non dimentico mai,sento ancora i odori delle rose la mattina,vicino piazzale Michelangelo.MI manca da morire,saluta Firenze da me. Ciao Tanti slaute da Frøydis

  3. Kiara
    Kiara says:

    Welcome to PlanetJedward Roberto!E’ fantastico che un grande stilista come te si sia accorto di loro.Sarebbe stupenda una collaborazione con John&Edward.Se riuscissi a portarli in Italia tutte le fans italiane te ne sarebbero grate a vita!

  4. Nici
    Nici says:

    Sweet! I am glad you met them and liked them – lucky you!! I think they are the most wonderful young men ever – so kind and caring and positive. I think your dog wanted to sing along!! I hope you get to work together for some designing/modelling in the future – that would be fantastic!. As you can see from the exclamation marks, I am so happy to see this, thanks for blogging it 🙂

  5. Caitlin Collins
    Caitlin Collins says:

    Jedward are incredible 🙂 the most amazing people you could ever meet ! So loyal and true to us fans and also their dedication is overwhelming <3

  6. Edz
    Edz says:

    thats funny they always sing and dance and i think Lupo was not that aggressive .. i think he wants to cuddle them twins. i look forward to design you’ll do for Jedward x thanks for posting the video. They are very good models do ..

  7. Naomi Evans (@NaomiKatex3)
    Naomi Evans (@NaomiKatex3) says:

    John and Edward are the most amazing people! they treat us all so nicely, not many other celebrities would do what they do for their fans,. ive left this comment to show people how amazing they are, they never deserved all of the hate they had got, it was all wrong! everyone needs to realise how lovely they are, they would never do any wrong to the world! love you loads john and edward… Naomi from wales.
    @naomikatex3 xxxxxxx

  8. Kris
    Kris says:

    John and Edward are two of the nicest people you could ever meet, and once you’ve met them you’ll never forget them. They light up the lives of those they’ve met and make everyone feel special. A collaboration between the three if you would be Jepic!

  9. Ariane
    Ariane says:

    It’s great reading about Jedward on your blog, John and Edward are talented and lovely guys, it’d be awesome if you’d design clothes for them! They’re perfect models!

  10. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Ahahaha Lupo che si lamenta e che gli abbaia contro è bellisimo… ahahah
    Che ganzo!!
    Devono essere davvero simpatici questi ragazzi, poi a giudicare da quante fans hanno, devono garbare anche parecchio!! 🙂
    Firenze dall’alto è sempre uno spettacolo, abbiamo davvero la città più bella del mondo….!
    Ora ci manca solo avere anche una squadra degna di una tale città!!
    Buon rientro 🙂
    Un Abbraccio.

  11. Mirei
    Mirei says:

    I’m so glad you got to meet John and Edward, they are so kind-hearted and always keep such a positive attitude. They would be the perfect people to model your collection, have you seen their modelling photos? They also design loads of their own clothes, a Roberto & Jedward collaboration would be absolutely amazing!

  12. malena
    malena says:

    woow è davvero belissimo che sia nata questa amicizia con i jedward 😀 se creassi degli abiti per loro sarebbe fantastico! :DD e speriamo di vederli in italia presto! 😀 sarebbero degli ottimi modelli 😉

  13. JITA
    JITA says:

    Roberto vediamo se tu riesci nell’impresa di farli venire in Italia!Saresti il primo a portarli da noi e non te ne pentiresti,sono pieni di talento e supercreativi!L’Italia li aspetta!

  14. Geralyn
    Geralyn says:

    I bet you had fun with the twins! They’re so cool and interesting to hang out with 🙂 Saint Tropez looks lovely! I’m gonna go there someday! Thanks so much for writing about John & Edward 🙂

  15. Mika
    Mika says:

    You are the most amazing designer you have always been my favorite designer and i’m so happy to see or read that you have meet my two favorite people on this planet.. They are amazing and if you are going to designed something for them it’s will be amazing.

  16. Cavallino
    Cavallino says:


  17. Sophie!
    Sophie! says:

    Your dog was singing along with them, surely? Hah! I’m so pleased to hear they’ve made an impression on you, like so many of us around the world! I’d love to see what creative endeavours you could go on with them. They’re talented boys and incredible models. They’ve really so much to offer!

  18. Judy (@Hey_Jed)
    Judy (@Hey_Jed) says:

    So cool that you met John and Edward. They truly are amazing people aren’t they – so talented and unique and full of potential. They are so kind hearted and sweet too. I love their music and they are natural performers who command the attention of the whole audience from start to finish at their shows. They have a real presence unlike anyone I’ve ever come across before – a real positive energy which is quite addictive actually! They work so hard too and have achieved so much already. They have done some modelling work and the photos have been stunning, they are naturals and definitely have the looks! They are also so creative and design and customise a lot of their own outfits. They love fashion and it would be amazing if they were given the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from someone like yourself who is so talented and held in such high regard in the fashion industry. That would be amazing! Can’t wait to see what you design for them! 🙂

  19. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli such a shame you have to leave Cote d’Azur so soon.. Hope you had an an amazing time there.. I’m absolutely in love with your yacht!! It’s the most incredible big boat I’ve ever seen! Your ideas and design are perfect for it! Hope you had a safe trip back home Roberto.. Thank you for sharing the pics and the video.. Jedward twins seem to be so much fun! Say hi to Lupo.. He looks cute as always.

    Kisses and hugs



  20. kerrycupcake
    kerrycupcake says:

    I just love them :’) hope the outfit happens, that would be awesome! the outfits they’ve designed themselves are genius! they’re so talented

  21. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Hi Roberto its great to see you met John and Edward they are such talented guys and the nicest guys you could ever meet 🙂 They have a fantastic fashion sense, its so unique and brilliant. I’m excited to see your design for them!

  22. Tea
    Tea says:

    They’re amazing lads. Thank you Roberto Cavalli for having them on your blog. It really means a lot! Hope you get to work together someday with John and Edward, because they’re very talented in designing their own clothes!

  23. Nermina
    Nermina says:

    Zanimljivi detalji vase knjige i vase desavanja oko vas…kad inace radite osim kad se zabavljate jedna velika pusa od mene.Jako cjenim vas rad na svim poljima, <3.
    [Interesting details of your book and your events around you … when you normally do when you are having fun except one big hug from mene.Jako appreciate your work in all fields]

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