119. I Am in Saint Tropez… My Wish is That This Film Will Never End… Too Funny for Words…

Roberto Cavalli119. I Am in Saint Tropez… My Wish is That This Film Will Never End… Too Funny for Words…

I begin to appreciate my big boat, maybe I enjoy it while I am in Saint Tropez! Sometimes the film moves onboard!

I am often forced to hide in the cabin… “I AM SLEEPING, I AM NOT AVAILABLE…!” Many people pretend to know me… “we met at a dinner four years ago” they say… Crazy!

As soon as I step off the boat I am asked to pose in a lot of pictures with people… lots of smiles! I am friends with everyone and have a nice word for everyone, answer any questions many of which are cute and interesting!

All the people who pass in front of the boat just want to see the big boats up close… the mega cars… all are looking for the stars they see in the papers!

Last night after dinner, people were convinced that Rihanna was a guest on the Cavalli boat. Keila, Beppe Ronco’s partner, is a beautiful and sexy Cuban girl with hair like Rihanna…



The curious began to stop, first ten, then fifty… hard to tell… more than a thousand people screaming to see Rihanna… We had organized the bluff in an exceptional manner. The boat nearby had it all figured out and had fun along with us… loud music and laughter until late in the evening… until the exhaustion of a sunny day made us fall on our beds!

Fans waiting for Rihanna...

Fans waiting for Rihanna…

This morning we had a visit … Tara Reid, do you remember her, sexy and full of life, in “American Pie”? She recognized my boat and came up to greet me… I was happy to see her that morning and enjoyed our conversation…

Tara arrived with a couple of English Irish friends… indescribable! The Jedward twins… very popular among the young… vertical blond-hair, supported by a kilo of hairspray, forming a ridge more than 20 cm. high. Cherry red jackets and blue shorts. Very nice!

Roberto Cavalli with The Jedward

Roberto Cavalli with The Jedward

They performed a live ballet for me… dancing and singing their song… only to be interrupted by Lupo, who did not fully appreciate their act… his reaction made us all laugh… I had to restrain him, he was barking and wanted to bite them! It is the first time I have seen Lupo aggressive…

Now I have to go… I want to go swimming, the sea is calling me…
I have to clear my mind… refresh my ideas!

Un bacio…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Lisa Hafey
    Lisa Hafey says:

    So pleased you got to meet John and Edward, although I can’t say the same for your dog’s experience of them 😉 They’ve done some modelling work in the past, and have recently been made the subject of a photo-book, “SuperJedward” by reknown photographer, Leslie Kee. They design most of their own stage clothes themselves (the costumes they wore for Eurovision the past two years for instance, were all designed by Edward. Their costumier has only marvellous things to say about his creativity and skill). If ever you were thinking of a collaborative venture, you couldn’t go wrong to consider them…given they’re not yet 21 I believe they have a very bright future ahead of them.

  2. Anna
    Anna says:

    Jedward are really into fashion, you should design with them! All there clothes, they design themselves 🙂 Also i hope you liked them singing to you, i bet it will jepic! x

  3. Carla
    Carla says:

    Oh wow, I love Jedward. They have such an original style….totally off the wall yet can hold their own in high end too….totally gorgeous. x

  4. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    So lucky, a personal performance from the Jedward boys! They are amazing aren’t they? And with all their talents they are such genuinely kind people!

  5. Alina
    Alina says:

    Jedward have awesome fashion sense, really great style! Also, they’re very talented in design, they design their own outfits, they add studs and stuff like that on their clothes. They plan on releasing a clothing line, I think it would be great if you could collaborate with them as you are one of the best designers. The clothing creations which would come out of such a collab would be fantastic!

  6. TeaTimb
    TeaTimb says:

    John and Edward have always designed their own clothes, which makes them really talented lads. I think it is awesome that they met Roberto Cavalli, a legend in designing clothes! Hopefully John and Edward will have their own clothing line one the future 🙂

  7. Floh
    Floh says:

    Hi Robert, I would wish for you to have discussed design work with John & Edward Grimes because their ideas are fabulous. Stop, collaborate and listen. I’d love you to design something for them — notice their gorgeous figures? Get Jedward up on a catwalk, please.

  8. Kiara
    Kiara says:

    John e Edward sono due ragazzi fantastici e di talento.Sono super creativi,girano i loro video musicali,ideano i loro costumi e hanno anche lavorato con importanti fotografi internazionali e sono già inseriti nell’ambiente della moda.Sarebbe bello vederli a Milano indossare le creazioni Cavalli 🙂

  9. Fashionista
    Fashionista says:

    How lovely, you met those wondefully talented Jedward boys, I see you got treated to a song, but I bet they didn’t tell you they are aspiring young designers themselves, very inspiring young men, I’ve been watching them for a while and have a feeling we’re going to see big things in the future, fashion wise, from these boys, they have a wonder eye, and are extremely original ..and not yet 21 even! x

  10. Esra
    Esra says:

    Hello Roberto,
    your St. Tropez experience sounds really interesting, I hope you are enjoying it!
    I am so glad you met John and Edward aka Jedward who have a very good taste for fashion. As you have surely heard, they design their own stage costumes and plan to bring out their own clothing line. I hope you consider a future collaboration with them.
    Have loads of fun during your stay in St.Tropez!

  11. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    You should design clothes with Jedward they really nice and friendly I’ve met them a couple of times and I can say WOW these boys are the nicest humans on earth! The design their clothes by own and they love their fans so much. I’m so happy for them that they met Roberto Cavalli yaaaaaay 😀 I hope you had really fun with them roberto and I hope you like their song 🙂 Oh and by the way roberto they’re IRISH not british 😉 Much Love <3

  12. Ariane
    Ariane says:

    It’s amazing you got to meet the Irish Jedward twins, glad you could experience their positive energy. They’ve just turned 20 last year and are hard working singers AND models, you should see their photoshoots for GAY magazine or with Leslie Kee.
    John & Edward are amazingly talented, they design their own clothes and shoot, cut and edit a lot of their music videos themselves.
    They’re really popular not only in Europe but also in Asia. I think they have a worldwide career ahead of them.
    It’d be great to see more of them on your blog.

  13. Bronagh T
    Bronagh T says:

    So great to see that you met John and Edward – they’re such fantastic people and they’re fashion icons in Ireland. Their clothes are completely unique as they design a lot of their own stuff, and as well as singing and being on tv, they’ve done some modelling recently. Hope you still got to hear them singing even if your dog wasn’t happy about it! 🙂

  14. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Ciao Mr. Cavalli!! I really enjoy reading about your adventures! Now it’s time for Saint Tropez, luxury life, celebrities and big boats!! Love the photos and the video! It’s made me laugh like crazy 🙂 Keila is Rihanna’s twin lol.. Thanks for making my day with your new post Roberto! I sincerely hope to meet you one day and tell you all the words of admiration I have for you. I want to express the gratitute to you for being here for us, sharing your life and thoughts! You’re the most amazing celebrity I’ve ever knew, you and Darren Hayes 🙂 I can’t not to mention him because he’s also a true inspiration to me, same as you! Love you both with my heart and soul. Roberto have a great time in Saint Tropez!


    I ♥ YOU


  15. Mirei
    Mirei says:

    Hello Roberto, I’m glad you’re enjoying your stay at St. Tropez. And also, I think it’s amazing that you met John and Edward! They have designed loads of clothes themselves and have a great fashion sense (and they’re models as well!). A Roberto-Jedward collaboration would be fantastic!

  16. Feline
    Feline says:

    Its wonderful you met Jedward, they are so visually creative with both the stage clothes they design and the videos they make, very talented boys.

  17. ArnelaEdward
    ArnelaEdward says:

    John and Edward is the best,they mean a lot in my life, have a special place in my heart I love them most<3<3Jedward forever and ever in my heart<3<3:***

  18. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I really love Jedward’s own style, so distinctive, isn’t it? They really make every decision based on their heart, so bless them <3

  19. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed meeting John and Edward, they are balls of energy and also extremely talented. They are brilliant singers, dancers but also great designers. They design most of their clothes, and are currently looking to create their own fashion line. But most of all, John and Edward are just thoroughly nice people, always smiling and looking for the positive things in life.

  20. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I think Jedward are representing a lost youth, which are innocent and value the beauty and positiveness of life. And I think these things are needed to be remind to the young generation nowadays.
    Anyway, Jepic things can happen when two inspired people meet by a chance encounter(in this case three people). I wouldn’t be surprised if you helped Jedward make their distinguish talent into the fashion world 🙂

  21. rene jean
    rene jean says:

    I think I know those two guys with the cool hair I saw them in a newspaper and the title was them meeting barrack obama and more recently I googled them and they carried the olympic torch just in awe of how these guys can do anything from tv to now fashion they really make a statment where ever they go and always go on noticed! I hope you roberto had the best time and saw how much they care for people

  22. lliiaalein
    lliiaalein says:

    it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool that you’ve met JEDWARD!!!! did you like them by the way??? they’re really really nice to all of their fans!!!! *_____*

  23. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Aahaha Grande Cavalli!!!
    Sei troppo forte…..hai creato un superbluff…e quanta gente c’era sotto!!! 🙂
    E poi, Lupo che abbaia a quei due ragazzi mentre cantano…..troppo divertente!!!
    Tra l’altro io ho alcuni amici irlandesi, e chiamarli inglesi è come chiamare noi Fiorentini, Juventini…..si suppergiù il metro di paragone è questo! 🙂
    Divertiti, te lo meriti!! 🙂
    Un abbraccione

  24. VLADA
    VLADA says:

    OMG Im really excited!!!!!Cavalli is fantastic and twins too,we want them in Italy for the Day of Fashion in Milan!!!!It would be amazing!

  25. EPPIE C◉NRAD (@its_eppie)
    EPPIE C◉NRAD (@its_eppie) says:

    John and Edward are such incredibly talented people, I’m sure even after such a short time in their company you get a sense of the pure energy and joyous spirit they have. They would be fantastic modelling for a highend campaign, as you’ll never see anyone else like them. They have a creative passion that they share with the world everyday! So many people love them, I cant wait till more discover them <3
    Thank you for blogging about your encounter Roberto, I have so much respect for you and your work.

  26. Kizil
    Kizil says:

    Dear sir,

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