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14. How Nice! Your Words are Words of Affection and Esteem

14. How nice! Your words are words of affection and esteem.

Tonight I will close my eyes with a smile…
Your comments increase and I promise that I will answer all of you, or almost!

This morning I slept in too much. Sandra got up early. She went to pick up the results of some analysis and I stayed in bed hugging two pillows and a duvet like a child who does not want to feel alone!

I went to the office at 2pm.
First meeting is with Cristiana, my daughter, who is responsible for the development and communication of the Hotels Cavalli, Cavalli Club and Coffee Cavalli all over the world.
We have many ideas and projects and great investors who believe strongly in my futuristic ideas in this area…

Cavalli Club Dubai

Cavalli Club Dubai

Do you know, or have you ever been in, my Cavalli Club in Dubai? It is a wonderful place and great fun. The one in Milan is beautiful and my idea, supported by the investors, is to open more places in other major cities.

My desire would be to open premises in Beirut, Istanbul, London, New York and Miami. I would spend all my time going from one city to another and from one Club to another! And many of you would be with me!

Cavalli Club Dubai

Cavalli Club Dubai

The other topic of the evening was to decide whether to keep the same venue for the Fashion Show on February 27 or change to some other venue. With lower costs we could invest the savings bringing in more Top Models in addition to those we already have.
I voted to keep “L’Arco della Pace”, our former venue. I find it unique and magical and I’ve no intention to abandon it!
Cavalli Club Dubai

Cavalli Club Dubai

As you see, I tell you everything, even the inside secrets that I should not tell anyone. You are part of my family. You are my best friends.
I am sure that you will help me with your advice if one day I find myself in trouble.

My friends, I embrace you all, one by one


Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Manar
    Manar says:

    I love you Mr. Cavalli .. I’m a current fashion design student and u have been such an inspiration to me .. This blog shows how humble and so down to earth that you share your life with us .. Thank you Mr. Cavalli xoxo

  2. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Roberto… Il video è stata una sorpresa emozionante!!! Grazie davvero, la giornata è iniziata in un modo come nessun’altra mai prima, mi ha preso un colpo!
    Torniamo al “reale” anche se sarà molto, troppo difficile… Anzi non ci riuscirò.
    Il club di Dubai purtroppo l’ho visto solo in foto (tantissime ma pur sempre foto) e già così a vederlo è una meraviglia, penso che essere fisicamente e guardarsi attorno tolga il fiato!
    … Tu decidi quando partire… Ed io ti seguo subito!!! Fin le mura e l’arredo in questi posti narrano storie sul tuo concetto di moda… Come potrei mai perdere l’occasione di rimanere incantato anche davanti ad “semplice” un muro?
    L’arco Della Pace è un posto bellissimo, è una cornice ideale per una sfilata… Secondo me, a differenza di altri stilisti, le tue creazioni sono così belle anche sestanti che non necessitano l’ausilio di una Top Model. Ovviamente poi la modella è “l’attrice della tua sceneggiatura” però non è l’unica star. Ecco perché penso che hai fatto bene a scegliere oltre alle Top Model anche una bellissima ambientazione.
    Spero non ti troverai mai in difficoltà, altrimenti conta pure si di mé.
    Ciao e grazie ancora

    We love you too


    • Mathias
      Mathias says:

      Sarò fesso e non mi vergogno a dirlo… E’ anche bello prendersi in giro qualche volta ma cavolo… Sono solo io il pirla a guardare e riguardare questo video (che ho già prontamente scaricato)?
      Non sono mai stato tanto contento di capire l’inglese! Ho capito ora perché l’ho dovuto studiare 😉 !
      Grazie ancora Roberto, più lo guardo, più mi si disegna un sorriso ed è una cosa bellissima!
      Ciao di nuovo Maestro

  3. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    hello again, cavalli club in Dubai look great,i whish i was there, I whish you and your family a wonderfull day.Here in Oslo the sun is shining and is cold -12 .I am going out whith my lovely dog Nectar too look at the sunshine and dream about the summer! CIAO TANTI ABRACCHIO

  4. Bibi MadHatter
    Bibi MadHatter says:

    Mammamiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Il video è stata una sorpresa bellissimissimissimaaaaaaaa!!! Thank you, Mr. Cavalli!!!!! Graziegraziegrazie!!! 😀 Maestro… oh… io lo prendo come invito ufficiale 😉 Ovviamente sto scherzando 😀 Il “Cavalli Club” di Dubai temo resterà un sogno per sempre, ma le immagini aiutano a sognare in grande: è davvero spettacolare! Se posso permettermi di dire la mia, anche io voto per mantenere l’Arco Della Pace: trovo sia l’ambientazione ideale… e poi, io sono abitudinaria 😉 Per carità: non è che, per esempio, la Gioconda senza cornice sarebbe una banale tela dipinta… resterebbe cmq un capolavoro… ma la cornice ha sempre un suo perché nel completare un’opera d’arte, n’est pas? 😉
    In attesa che mi sveli il Suo segreto per riuscire a stare nel letto nonostante Lupo (il mio Tyson -“pericolosissimo” pittbull da bacio che pesa quasi quanto me- salta sul letto a leccarmi la faccia appena sente che faccio un movimento… e benché ami i miei tre “cucciolotti” alla follia, non posso restare con la faccia “sbavata” e devo alzarmi) spargo bacetti in quantità illimitata e La abbraccio forte 🙂

  5. iva
    iva says:

    Mr. Great Talent, your Cavalli Club in Dubai is amazing!This is one of the greatest things that i have seen in Dubai. Wish you open the same in Ukraine and i will be there forever)))Love you

  6. abbe
    abbe says:

    Well, since you love our words so much, I cannot resist trying to make you happy 🙂
    I have a good friend who recently visited your club in Dubai. His name is Mudo– when you finally build in Istanbul you will hear of him. Everyone in Turkey knows Mudo, and it’s funny because I was just thinking the other day reading your posts that you remind me of him. He is a wonderful and gracious man. He would love to meet you.
    Two summers ago I was a guest on his boat sailing the French Riviera. You cannot miss Black Sea, it is the most beautiful sailing yacht everywhere it goes. When we arrived to meet his boat in St Tropez, he was disappointed because people gossiped to him that you had just left the day before and he was unhappy that he missed you. Not to bother you, but just to have your presence nearby. He likes to look at celebrities. He would laugh so hard if he knew I were telling you this story now.
    Anyway, I also wanted to tell you how much this touched me: “A true artist with great talent but without the knowledge of the right people will never be anyone!” I don’t want to talk about myself here, but I did write a whole book on this subject. The one where I even described meeting you, I mentioned it earlier on another post. And now I am releasing a second book, still on the same subject (it’s a sequel). I will have a big dinner during NY Fashion Week to celebrate. If you are in NYC, maybe you will run into Marc Bagutta or Mark Baker or Jean-Marc of Indochine or oh I am trying to think of who you might know here. They will tell you where is the best place to be on the evening of the 13th. And there you will find all the greatest people to know for when you build in NY, they have all built similar venues here, they know everything!
    Sorry, didn’t mean to babble so much, but this is such a thrill for me. The first collection of yours I ever saw was A/I 1999 and I fell immediately in love (and even then I felt like I was “behind” for having discovered you only then). Sorry, but back then some of my friends had never heard of you. I said to them that you will be the next Versace (that is the name they knew at that time) and lo and behold it was true so fast, suddenly they all knew your name and they thought they were being so chic to say it.
    Okay, too many words now… 🙂 xo

  7. Joanna
    Joanna says:

    Dear Roberto,
    I admire you so much for living your dreams.. Life has no sense if it is not dolce.. I hope to see your amazing Cavalli Club in Dubai soon.. And I wish you all, all, all the best for your new projects.. Thank you for making this world so much more beautiful.. Like Dostoevsky said: “Beauty will save the world” and this is what I believe..

  8. yana
    yana says:


    I will send a link to this video to everyone I know saying “look, ROBERTO CAVALLI says MY NAME”:))))))))))

    Bibi, sei stata invitata a cena, TI ODIOOOOOO:))))) (ok, sto scerzando…. o forse no???:))))) guarda che devi iniziare ad imparare a cucinare, non puoi servire una cosa da microonde a Signor Cavalli in persona!!!

    Concerning the show – wouldn’t it distract people too much if they see too many top models? (YESSS, let us be your virtual “consultants”, of course we are not really experts of your world, but sometimes it helps you to see things more clearly when you explain them to total strangers:)))

    I guess what we saw in the video is your home? I would love to see more of it – where do you eat, where does Lupo sleep, what is your favorite view, your favorite painting?


  9. Carol
    Carol says:

    Cher M. Cavalli,
    Je suis Carol Hart (mon nom de model) et je viens d’acheter votre parfum. Le flacon est superbe “royal” et il sent très bon. Oui je reconnais être une vraie fan. Sur le site, créé par ma meilleure amie Lisa, il y a aussi une photo de notre magique rencontre à st tropez. J’aimerais si possible avoir votre avis sur les photos de mode. Vos tenues me font rêver…..
    Sincèrement Carol

  10. Guillermo
    Guillermo says:

    Ciao Mr. Cavalli!!! E stata una bella sorpresa per me !!;) mi fai molto felice sapere che tu sai così molto semplice e non complicato ! Adoro!! Mr. Cavalli I am Mexican and I live in Chicago! If you ever come to Chicago I will be happy to show you around and insi be honored if you stay in the house !!!’ love all your work I think that you are the best! Of the best!!;) baci!!

  11. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Dear Mr. Cavalli, your video has made me speechless.. I was watching it with my mum and when I heard you saying my name and saying you love me it was a dream come true!!! Sometimes I’m being very emotinal. I must confess your words have made me cry with tears of happiness. I love and admire you and your fashion Mr. Cavalli. Being so close to you and your life is a real honour!! I will write you again and again as your Blog is so inspiring and brings a part of you into my life.

    Cavalli Club in Dubai is breathtaking! Though I haven’t been there yet the picture says it all! I will definitely go to Dubai in a year or so as it has been my dream city since I was a teen. The first place I will visit there is Cavalli Club of course 😉

    I wish you all the best with your projects! I believe whatever you do becomes a huge success!! Thank you for sharing the inside secrets with us. I’ve never been too close to fashion industry and getting to know some of them makes me involved 🙂
    Looking forward for your next post!




  12. Irina
    Irina says:

    Dear Mr.Cavalli,
    it is a real pleasure to read your blog – it is so interesting to get news from you! It is really great idea to establish more Cavalli Cafes all over the world. Maybe we can also be useful for you here in Russia. And let me ask, is it possible to meet you in Milan when I’ll be in my next business-trip to Italy (March or May) and make interview for our web-portal ? I’d be happy to tell our readers more about you and your plans on future development of your fashion house, really!

  13. Giorgio
    Giorgio says:

    Gentile Signor Cavalli,
    sono felice che lei abbia deciso di mantenere la location della prossima sfilata donna all’Arco della Pace. Essendo stato presente all’ultimo show come giornalista non posso che confermare che si tratta di un posto veramente unico e ricco di fascino, assolutamente in linea con i suoi standard sempre votati all’eccellenza.

    Colgo anche l’occasione per condividere con lei e con gli amici che la seguono un paio di mie foto, spero che apprezzerà!
    La prima l’ho scattata proprio all’Arco della Pace lo scorso settembre. Lei era arrivato nel pre-sfilata con il suo mitico Lupo, che devo ammettere aver un po’ invidiato perché lo ha portato a conoscere le modelle nel backstage 🙂

    La seconda invece risale all’ultima sfilata uomo di gennaio, insieme a suo figlio Daniele, che ritengo stia facendo un lavoro assolutamente straordinario e migliora di collezione in collezione

    buona continuazione!

  14. Roa
    Roa says:

    Mister Cavalli, besides that you are very creative, talented, ambitious and a smart man/designer/businessman you are so sweet, humble and a peoples person. I have never met an well known designer in person, but through this blog it feels like I begin to know you like a friend. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us and taking the time to know us and read our comments.

    Lots of love,

  15. Consuelo Rotriquenz
    Consuelo Rotriquenz says:

    Roberto grazie mille per il video! Mathias non sei l’unico che l’ha guardato più volte!!! 😉
    Il Club Cavalli di Dubai è fantastico!!! So cool & fabulous!!!
    Complimenti per la campagna pubblicitaria P/E 2012, i capi indossati da Naomi Campbell e Kristen McMenamy sono straordinari!!!

  16. Daniele
    Daniele says:

    Ciao Roberto, Sono un fiorentino proprio come te e mi piacerebbe che tu ci aggiornassi a proposito dei Cavalli Club di quello di Firenze, uno dei Club migliori in cui sia mai stato e ormai chiuso da tempo! C’è qualche possibilità di rivederlo in vita??

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