71. Finally a Nice Sunny Day…

Roberto Cavalli with Alfonso Signorini

Roberto Cavalli with Alfonso Signorini

71. Finally a nice sunny day, I try to take it all, every ray!

It’s my last day in Dubai and, talking with some friends in Italy, they tell me to be prepared for some cold and rainy autumnal weather. I put on my earpiece with some music, I take two drops of sleeping pills and lie in the sun, like a fish completely oiled and ready for the oven!

I am about to enter the world of dreams when I hear someone with a friendly voice call me. It is a voice I have not heard for some years but I recognize it immediately and makes me jump.
“ALFONSO!” a dear friend of many years. I’m sure many of you know Alfonso Signorini, the great editor of the weekly CHI magazine.

We share a friendship that goes back to the good and fun times of “my” Sardinia! Every summer, on the 11th of August, the party at Roberto and Eva Cavalli’s “home” was a “MUST”. The event of the summer. Every summer we used to rent one of the most beautiful villas in Porto Rotondo. Eva was responsible for organizing and preparing the party from the beginning of July. The beginning of August a van headed to Sardinia carrying all that we created for this unforgettable evening. I can tell you so many things about those parties but I prefer to keep them for a story completely dedicated to Sardinia, to the famous Cavalli’s parties.

Alfonso was quietly walking with two friends along the shoreline where the waves are hiding in the sand. Hugs and kisses, the usual pleasantries of two friends who meet in a foreign land and have not seen one another for a few years!


We leave all together from the hotel. I cannot wait to show Alfonso the CAVALLI CLUB. I do not want to describe it to him so as not to spoil the surprise. Is it the same for you. On other occasions I have tried to let you imagine the CLUB, but the emotion that you will experience when you get the chance to be in Dubai, will be truly unique!

The Cavalli Club is a really “cool place”. I take Mister CHI by the arm, and wait to see his face. “I TOLD YOU SO. THIS IS NOT EASY TO DESCRIBE!” Alfonso is a special man. An artist, a creative person, a person who has seen many special things and I anxiously wait for his judgment!

His eyes are shining. Alfonso is like me, an enthusiast! He expresses what he feels. I enjoy squeezing his arm while I accompany him to any particular corner of the CLUB. Then we sit at the large central table, the Mr. CAVALLI table! It has been a long time since I have had such a fun evening. Alfonso is a showman, he transmits sympathy. When I have fun, I become an unleashed boy!

Roberto Cavalli - Alfonso Signorini - Gina

Roberto Cavalli - Alfonso Signorini - Gina

Gina, also a longtime friend, is with us. Do not imagine a beautiful blonde girl, Gina is a great big man with little hair and an indescribable sympathy. He wishes, jokingly of course, to finish this beautiful evening with a conquest. A black waiter is his favorite. You cannot imagine how much fun we had. We even neglected the belly dancers and the two Arabic singers, ultra famous in the Middle East!

I would like to continue but, as time passes, my eyes begin to veil.

Tomorrow morning I have to leave early for Milan. Work is waiting for me!

I hope you have spent a great time with us and I hope to have made you smile at least!

Un Bacio a tutti…
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!!
    Accipicchia come è bello il Cavalli Club….!!
    Un’estetica superlativa, e poi tutte quelle luci a cristallo che scendono dal cielo….sembra un cielo con stelle dorate!
    Alfonso Signorini, si lo conosco! E’ quello che fà scherzi a parte….deve essere davvero simpatico!
    E Gina? O chi è Gina? eheheh
    Un Abbraccio.

    MASSIMO FAN N°1 says:

    Ciao Roberto!
    sono Massimo da Ancona, 30 anni.
    Credo di essere il Tuo fan numero 1 se vedessi la mia collezione di abiti, oggetti e foto che ti riguardano. Quanto mi piacerebbe un giorno conoscerti…!
    Noi siamo belli quando siamo amati…. e io artisticamente parlando… ti amoooo! 🙂
    Un bacio anche a Eva..

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