115. I Apologize to Flavio Briatore…

Eva Cavalli with Flavio Briatore

Eva Cavalli with Flavio Briatore

115. I Apologize to Flavio Briatore…

I apologize to Flavio Briatore for an unkind sentence concerning a friend and a place that continues to define an era!

In one of my last posts I told you about my recent experiences in Porto Cervo. I read a rumor in some newspaper that the Billionaire would not reopen. What a shame that would have been… because the success of the Billionaire contributes so much to the success of the Emerald Coast.

The Billionaire continues a tradition of great summer fun started in the nineties with the mega-party organized by Eva Cavalli!

In front of the house we rented on the Emerald Coast were moored the most beautiful, stately yachts. Americans and Russians and others came from all over the world to holiday in Sardinia attracted by our “mega-party”!

Flavio was a special guest. It was during one of our parties that I introduced him to Heidi Klum, the glamorous German model with whom he shared such a romantic love story!

That beautiful golden throne in the Billionaire’s VIP area has made history dedicated, as it was, to Naomi Campbell, the wonderful “Black Venus”!

Flavio Briatore
I have such great memories and fine photos with Beyoncé and many other stars that were taken there. At the dinners that Flavio organized for all his friends I often sat next to him and his famous invited guests! Cipriani’s cooking was excellent!

The Billionaire has, in fact, already reopened. All lovers of Sardinia, like me, feared the loss of a place that fills you with wonder, makes you love the summer and encourages the love of one person for another… with the beautiful music from the 60’s that rejuvenates all…

Already people are talking about it. In a world clouded by crisis life in Porto Cervo is full of sunshine!

Flavio, may you stay open forever! I do not know where we would all spend our evenings without you… the beautiful music… the pleasure of finding old friends… the opportunity to recharge the batteries of imagination and creativity…!

Amici… I’ll see you all in Sardinia!

Ciao e…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Ciao Mr. Cavalli! Thank you for sharing the photos. They are awesome! Eva looks like a queen in this white outfit! I’m extremely happy to know more about you in every post! I feel blessed to be the part of your fabulous life! Last week I joined the make-up course run by the best make-up artist in Ukraine. Make-up is my passion since I was a little girl! Mr. Cavalli one day I hope to meet you personally and work in the backstage at your fashion shows. Kisses and hugs. I LOVE YOU. AnnaSofi

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!
    Sono sicuro che il tuo apprezzamento e il tuo messaggio è arrivato a Flavio.
    Come sono sicuro che il locale attrarrà e richiamerà tante persone…!!
    …Noi invece non abbiamo neanche il portiere…..povera Fiorentina!!
    Un Abbraccio.


  3. yana
    yana says:

    Un blog é un geniale mezzo di comunicazione…:)))

    Sono stata al Porto Cervo una volta, solo una passeggiata di qualche ora, ma che peccato di non aver visto Lei e Sua barca meravigliosa…

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