84. Great Dinner…

Roberto Cavalli84. Great dinner…

The Rampoldi, as always, makes me feel like a rich man with an appetite! On the way out I bump into Mr. Flavio Briatore. This, oddly enough, is the second time I have bumped into him outside the Rampoldi.

I like to think of the part that Fate plays in our lives… Why am I bumping into him? Pure chance… Mr. Briatore was much nicer and more friendly than usual. It took only a few seconds to arrange a meeting for the following day. “Where is your boat? I’ll send a car tomorrow at 1:30 p.m.”

I spend the rest of the evening at the Casino, with no luck and without much fun. “Maybe I’m lucky in love!”

The next day Mr. Briatore’s car was waiting for me punctually in front of the “big boat.” The driver takes me to the Beach Hotel, the only one in Monte Carlo that makes you feel less old and makes you enjoy the pleasure of being on the Cote d’Azur! Flavio was already waiting, busily and graciously returning greetings of the many people who instantly recognize him!

Now I can tell you that many years have passed since I last sat at a table with Flavio like old friends!

Flavio Briatore with Elisabetta Gregoraci

Flavio Briatore with Elisabetta Gregoraci

As usual I like to tell you all my emotions, all my sensations. I was happy, I felt excited… so much time had passed since the times we spent at the Billionaire, Briatore’s famous nightclub in Porto Cervo…

In those days there was perhaps a little jealousy between us, I am not sure why. Maybe a little misunderstanding over a captivating young woman I found enchanting on a beautiful evening at the Bilionaire… The beautiful girl has since become his girlfriend!

Mr. Briatore has now changed, as has Mr. Cavalli. I see in his eyes a greater serenity! His voice and his words seem more sweet and are able to enter more easily into my heart.

While Flavio is talking to me I wonder why, in private conversation with Eva, I had ever criticized him in the past!

Talking with him, I confided that I would like to see him more often and talk over many small but important things that had filled our lives in recent years!

The insights I gain in just a brief conversation with him show me that we can be reborn as new old friends!

Un abbraccio grande…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. TormentedSugar
    TormentedSugar says:

    This is a sweet story! I lost connection with one of my dear freinds and think of her often. I hope someday we can share that moment you have shared. I really love the way you describe it… I can only find comfort in the fact that I have found a best freind in my partner and father to my 4 month old girl and step father to my 8 year old girl. Life is more beautiful when you find someone sweet and loving to share it with!! If you ever get a chance I saw your 3 spring shoes posted on Facebook and was inspired to paint them..this is a rough draft its not finished..i need to add the color to the sandal and your shiney gold emblem lol. Just a mommy and a new fan 🙂 I could never buy your shoes so painting them helps me feel connected to something meaningful…your fashion. Thanks for inspiring me. https://instagr.am/p/KiCO5qA3oy

  2. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli thank you for sharing the story of your friendship with Mr. Briatore. You know people are changing so is our attitude to them. Happy you both have a chance to reborn your friendship. Sometimes it’s more important than we might think.

    P.S. Roberto my friend from Florida has sent me your new Cavalli fragrance!!!! I doubt it will be launched in Ukraine soon. I’m so happy and excited to get it! I wear my new perfume even when I stay at home and don’t go out. I’m truly in love with it! Its scent is divine and can’t be compared to any other. Thank you for creating such an amazing fragrance Mr. Cavalli!!! I adore you!




  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!!
    E’ sempre un piacere rivedere una persona con la quale si era un pò in “rottura”, fare pace e ritrovarla amica!!
    Anche a me è successo una volta, dopo tanti anni ho rincontrato un mio vecchio amico d’infanzia, ci eravamo “allontanati” per un futile screzio (cose che si fanno quando si hanno 16 anni…) e non ci vedemmo per 10 anni. Beh a volte il destino è beffardo….lo rividi in Curva Fiesole per la semifinale di andata della coppa italia 1995-1996, si giocava contro l’inter e si vinse 3-1….beh sarà stata la vittoria, sarà stata la “magia” della Fiorentina,ma da quel giorno ci siamo “riavvicinati” e siamo tornati amici, ed ancor oggi ci sentiamo spesso….
    L’amicizia è la cosa più bella che esista!!
    Roberto…..Non lasciare mai che l’amicizia che hai verso una persona venga “danneggiata” da dicerie, pettegolezzi, mezze verità e bugie dette di chi è geloso della tua felicità e ti vorrebbe infelice……!!
    L’amicizia vera la “senti”, la “vedi”, e sono i “fatti” che parlano. Sono i fatti che ti fanno dire “ecco, quello è veramente un mio amico”…… Non i chiacchericci degli invidiosi !!!
    Ti saluto e ti dò Un caro abbraccio…… da amico…..!!! 🙂

  4. CFLO
    CFLO says:

    Egregio Sig. Cavalli,

    Complimenti per le belle storie che racconta! Sempre molto avvincenti ed interessanti.
    A lei (essendo un appassionato di elicotteri) volevo sapere se per caso poteva essere interessato ad acqusitare elicotteri molto belli ( magari da regalare) radio comandati. E’ rifierito anche a chi scrive su questo sito, se siete interessati ad acquistare elicotterini molto belli e indistruttibili per il vostro puro divertimento o da regalare.
    Saluti a tutti

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