83. May 10, 1965, The First Great Emotion of My Life…

Cristiana, Tommaso and Roberto Cavalli

Cristiana, Tommaso and Roberto Cavalli

83. May 10, 1965, the first great emotion of my life: the birth of Cristiana, my first baby girl!

I am back in Milan from Monte Carlo, two important appointments and then I run to the train station… still running I just manage to catch the train.

This is the part of my life that I do not like, run, run, be anxious with the fear of not arriving on time.
I am now sitting in the parlor of carriage number three. Can I relax, can I sleep for this hour and a half trip. I shall try…
Cristiana Cavalli

For tonight I have organized a big dinner in my big house in Florence. IT IS CRISTIANA’S BIRTHDAY! I do like to play the patriarch, sit at the head of the table and watch, see, think and spend these precious moments with my five children and my seven grandchildren…

Cristiana Cavalli

Cristiana Cavalli

I’m dozing off with a smile… that little pink stork comes on… a jump on the chair… my mom… my friends hug me… IT’S A GIRL!

I remember those tears, those wonderful emotional tears of joy! My little Cristiana, she is wonderful!
It was a Caesarean, Cristiana had not suffered those typical birth stresses, she was perfect! Much black hair made her seem a big girl already!

Cristiana with Daniele and Tommaso

Cristiana with Daniele and Tommaso

How many dreams! She became my little model! Each photo was a moment to remember…
May 10, 2012, “la mia piccola grande donna” has become “una grande Mamma!”Cristiana Cavalli


Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    Buon Giornoooooooo
    Sign. Roberto questo si che un bellissimo episodio.
    Che tenerezza.
    …..poi non si poú dire che non gli assomigli.
    Auguriiii a tutta la sua Famiglia e Buona Cena.

    Con Ammirazione

  2. alessandro
    alessandro says:

    Tanti auguri di Buon Compleanno a Cristiana e tutta la GRANDE FAMIGLIA CAVALLI.
    Il Comandante Alessandro e l’intero equipaggio della Grande Barca che cambia colore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In alto i calici …. CIN CIN

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!!!
    Tantissimi auguri a Cristiana….sono sicuro che passerete una bellissima serata in famiglia!
    Secondo me è veramente importante passare del tempo solo con la propria famiglia, senza nessun’altro che la propria famiglia……è un momento di aggregazione e di riflessione che nel “tran tran” di tutti i giorni non sempre è possibile avere….
    Goditi la tua famiglia Roberto, al lavoro penserai domattina 🙂
    Un Abbraccio a te e a Cristiana!!

  4. Angelica Mihaela Luculescu
    Angelica Mihaela Luculescu says:

    Dear Roberto,

    Happy birthday to your daughter Cristiana and may she has many more birthdays to come and celebrate together!
    you have a truly beautiful family and I am very happy and pleased to know and meet it through your blog.

    Kindest Regards,

  5. evaperony
    evaperony says:

    Happy birthday Christiana have a wonderful party, n u have a lovely baby …….oh Mr Cavali u re such ǎ̜generous man n a great father thanks for sharing ur life wit us*kisses n hugs*

  6. nadia tesser
    nadia tesser says:

    che immagini che belle storie come fiabe scritte nella vita di un grande maestro della moda …una vita a colori mio caro sig.ROBERTO CAVALLO che auguro a LEI per sempre.
    Nadia Tesser <3

  7. katti Waller
    katti Waller says:

    The first time I saw your work I fell in love with it though I only on one sweater I cherish it .I have recently seen your new line of watches in hopes of getting one .Never loose your passion for your family nor your work it makes you special. Kt

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