367. My Life Runs Too Fast…

Roberto Cavalli367. My Life Runs Too Fast…

There are moments when I stop to think that my life runs too fast!

Actually time passes by at the same speed for everyone, but when you chase life to pursue new emotions, time seems to go faster.

If I look back, my life seems so long, but if I look ahead, I know that I have to run. I have not much time to waste. The desires and dreams yet to be realized are still many, perhaps too many.

How many times, as a young man, did I think we ought to be born old and die young!

But in the end I’m happy to have come this far, happy to have walked with my own legs, happy that I have not bowed to any compromise, happy to have exaggerated. Excess often is success!

I am happy I have not taken life too seriously. Happy that I was a teenager who has grown old! I’m happy I had a Mother who taught me to grow up and then how to live, who taught me the other commandments, the ones that God omitted to give us.

I’m happy with myself, happy to be humble with the humble and arrogant with the arrogant if necessary, happy to look people in the eye, happy to feel important just because I feel loved and respected, happy to have five wonderful children, each uniquely different from the other.

Happy to feel emotion when I see from my window the first blossoms on peach trees that announce the arrival of spring. I am happy to be able to laugh with happiness, happy to be able to cry with emotion, happy to be born, happy to die when my turn comes. I have faith in God, and I do not think He will betray me in the very last moment I shall stand by Him.

Be happy, life is wonderful!


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