366. I started my life as a designer on tiptoe…

Roberto Cavalli366. I started my life as a designer on tiptoe…

I began my life as a designer on tiptoe. I was afraid of everything that could put me on the spot. I was very shy and insecure. I approached interviews with an incredible fear.

In the first few seconds my voice was hoarse, I had a frog in my throat, it didn’t seem to want to produce a normal sound. After two minutes it was a bit ‘better, and after another five I would not want to stop!

Often my first words were to break the ice: “I’m emotional… I’m used to expressing myself only through my dresses…!”. Later, however, everything flowed easily.

Today, the success has come, and it is well established. Maybe it was because of my great desire to get there.

I wish I could give to all young people my piece of advice – if you want something with enough resolve, tenacity and stubbornness, you almost always will be able to achieve it.

The important thing is to take life with constructive lightness, because life is an adventure, and definitely you have to smile.

That’s why sometimes I say that my dresses, in their plasticity, in their particularity, should make you smile or, at least, help you to smile.

Today I have changed. So Much. Perhaps too much.
Why do I say too much? Because fear means emotion, and too much security, the great confidence in myself that I have now acquired, has denied me some of that emotions… I mean, I preferred the old version of myself! I was always afraid of not being “up”, of not being “on”.

With the success I have lost so many things… I lost a little of my freedom, a little of my simplicity, even though I do everything I can to remain a simple person.

Always follow your dreams…


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    Hai sempre le parole giuste per darmi la forza di Credere che Arriverò dove con fatica voglio Arrivare ….. Complimenti …. N1 …

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