449. I don’t define myself as a Stylist or as a Designer.  I prefer to call myself an Artist of Fashion.

449. I don’t define myself as a Stylist or as a Designer.  I prefer to call myself an Artist of Fashion.

I started my big adventure breathing the thin air of fashion at home together with the strong influence of art in Florence.

I don’t like to be defined as a stylist or as a designer but rather as a fashion artist; one who likes to turn simple white cotton canvases into exquisite brocades.

During my artistic life, which I call my big adventure, I learned a lot from simply observing the world around me.

I started studying shapes and colours at the Art Institute of Porta Romana.  There I assimilated the techniques of printing on fabrics, setting colours on different fabrics, blending colours and creating that harmony that transforms a simple canvas into a beautiful dress.

Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, enhanced my artistic education. Living in Florence, a city that reflects art in all its forms, helps you to see the way shapes and colours are combined and amplified to create a natural predisposition to artistic creation, regardless of whether it is a painting, a statue or a building.

Over time I have realized that my education has allowed me to see beyond, beyond what we normally see before our eyes.
It is like having the gift to see art expressing itself in every aspect of the world around.

Had I not started in the fashion world I would have liked to be an architect…  I have carried on some small personal projects as an architect, like the beach house in Castiglioncello on the Tuscan coast, in my homes in Panzano in Chianti and in my house in Florence.

If your desire is to pursue a career in the fashion world my advice is to start studying the History of Art. In this way you will discover many of the beautiful things we have inherited from the genius of our ancestors and, together with your own observation of Creation and the infinite beauty that nature gives us each day, you will receive a powerful continuous source of inspiration!

Do not fail to come to Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  If you decide to visit, let me know I will offer you an “aperitivo” at Caffè Giacosa.


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  1. Elena
    Elena says:

    Accidenti…io trovo molto affascinante quello che hai scritto, e penso possa essere d’aiuto a chi ammira l’arte da profana e “ignorantella” come me in storia dell’arte! Credo che un’ispirazione possa venire da qualsiasi cosa, anche dalla natura che è la più grande e perfetta opera. In questo tu sei maestro nel cogliere le sfumature e gli accostamenti…alla faccia di chi sembra invidioso e incattivito…ognuno ha le sue doti ed è giusto che le sfrutti! Senza arroganza ovviamente…
    Allora verrò presto a visitare Firenze! Buon lavoro!

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