448. The Emotions you carry with you…

448. The Emotions you carry with you…

My fashion was becoming more and more singular and distinctive.
With the help of a talented young designer my fashion began to be known as the fashion choice for the Red Carpet.

With my ability to create fantasies like paintings and his techniques in shaping the dresses we conquered the showbiz world. Actresses and singers vied for the most glamorous and sexy dresses, simple shapes, long dresses, colourful prints photographed onto their flowing fabrics.

I often created two dresses for Jennifer Lopez for the same evening. One was long, eye-catching, sexy, very glamorous for the Red Carpet. The other was short, very short, shiny, tight yet allowing her to move freely and dance during the concerts.
Flash… flash… a life of flashes… Camera flashes? Yes, even those, but above all many flashes in my mind, so many, perhaps too many to remember. Emotions driven by a range of events – from small ones to very big ones.  It was a very particular time in my life where the events and the emotions happened at such a fast pace that it was impossible for me to fully savour the pleasure!

I remember a big charity event in Beverly Hills with more than a hundred tables set with silk tablecloths printed with my animal prints. They created such a fashionable, fun, positive atmosphere, a very Cavalli-style mood. The evening ended with a fashion show. The model of honour was Halle Berry! A woman of unforgettable sweetness. She was wonderful!  When you encounter a person who has your own vulnerability and simplicity, you feel as though you have always been friends!

We walked together for the runway finale in front of more than a thousand guests. Everybody was dressed to perfection for such an important event. The most important people were there and they stood to show their admiration and appreciation.

Halle Berry held my hand tightly and If I relaxed my hand she held it even more tightly as if she were saying: “Do not leave me now!”.
How I wish my words could fully express all the emotions that in that moment filled my heart!

Those are the kind of emotions that we carry inside us forever…


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