Roberto Cavalli

331. From Denim to Red Carpet…

Roberto Cavalli

331. From Denim to Red Carpet…

Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience #VFDE… a spectacular three-day Fashion Show staged at the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world!

Dubai is a city of the future. Here everything is possible… three days full of events… shows… fashion shows… lots of pictures taken with friends and fans… interviews… #selfies… many admirers of my fashion and many dear friends.

Saturday, November 1st, I had the pleasure of attending the Fashion Talks event. Speaking in front of an audience is something that somehow intimidates me, but only at first, then the ice melts and I begin to feel at one with the audience…

We talked about my adventure in the world of fashion. I have met and dressed the most beautiful women in the world.

I have always tried to understand what women want. Every woman wants to feel sexy, desired, appreciated. A dress must be able to bring out her inner as well as her outer beauty. Paradoxically I feel that subtly covering the body can add to its sensuality.

The eyes of a woman hold an incredible fascination for me. I am very, very sensitive to the gaze of a woman…

The line between vulgarity and sensuality is very thin… much depends on how a dress is worn… upon the way a woman moves…

A beautiful dress can change your life in one night. In one moment you can become strong, in one moment you can live a lifetime… you feel special. My fashion is sensual, positive.

I have designed dresses for many celebrities but Jennifer Lopez has a special place in my heart. I met her when she was dating Puff Daddy, many years ago. I remember perfectly the first dinner together. Jennifer and Puffy at some point began a discussion which lead to Jennifer, a born lady, getting up and leaving.

I wanted to follow her, comfort her, but at the same time did not want to do anything that might be misunderstood. At that moment I felt very close to Jennifer…

Ours has become a beautiful friendship, and over the years I have created for Jennifer so many dresses all of which she wears with an unique grace.

Victoria Beckham is also a good and gracious friend. I remember when we worked together to create the dresses for the return of the Spice Girls. During the show at Madison Square Garden Victoria thanked me in front of 40,000 people… it was fantastic.

A young girl asks me what is my source of inspiration… My muse is the woman I admire. I love women, they are my passion.

Vi abbraccio…


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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Mr. Cavalli you look at us women with very generous eyes. We are not perfect, but we are always ready to sacrifice ourselves for our family. But at the same time, we LOVE to dress up and look as sexy as we can. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for dedicating most of your talent to making us feel pretty and attractive!!! Buonanotte

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