447. An Oasis in the Centre of Scandinavia…

447. An Oasis in the Centre of Scandinavia…

Stora Rullingen is the original name of this island, but for me it is Cavalli Island. It is as though I have been drawn here by destiny.

Cavalli Island is an oasis. An oasis in the middle of Scandinavia, in Sweden. Scandinavia comprises three kingdoms, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Cavalli Island has Viking origins with the ruins of a stronghold dating back to the eleventh century.

I confess that the first time I visited Cavalli Island I was enchanted by the tranquility and the special atmosphere that hovers over this island.

Oasis? Perhaps the description that best suits it is Paradise on Earth! Mother Nature has decided to populate the island with deer, hares, beavers, moose. It is normal to catch a glimpse of hawks and eagles.

The stables are occupied by two beautiful horses. When I go riding Lupo follows me with his fiancé, Vilma.

Here I really feel at ease, in close contact with nature. A nature that reminds me everyday how lucky we are and especially how much inspiration nature gives us every day. A nature whose rules and laws regulate the rhythm of life, without the need for written laws, police, judges and courts.  All obey.

I often wonder what animal I would be, perhaps an eagle. I have always been attracted to flying, it gives me a sense of freedom. Looking at the world from up there gives me a different perspective.

Liberty, freedom, are words that encompass a multitude of meanings. During my daily walks I like to meet the animals in their natural habitat that they share with me in this corner of paradise in the middle of one of the largest lakes in Europe.

I wonder why we humans cannot live as well as animals do, in complete freedom, in total respect of nature…

What happened to the Hippies? Where is the movement that started in the ’60’s and promised to give us the secret of happiness.  Freedom was their imperative…

Maybe we should all search for our origins, to try to live in close contact with nature, with the world around us and face the day with a smile every morning…


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  1. Fulvio landini
    Fulvio landini says:

    Tu, amante del mare, delle barche e del caldo, hai scelto proprio un posticino giusto…..io invece ho scelto il sud della California, de gustibus……. ma tanto non leggi i messaggi ne tanto meno rispondi. Comunque un caro abbraccio da chi ti è sempre stato amico (contraccambiato, ad onor del vero), Fulvio

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