402. I photographed everything I liked…

Roberto Cavalli402. I photographed everything I liked…

I photographed everything I liked, everything that intrigued me.

Then, when I returned to Florence, I shut myself in my darkroom for hours and hours, developing and printing. I had built a real photo studio in an outbuilding in the garden with all kinds of imaginable equipment.

In my print shop where I was printing on fabrics, I tried to achieve the same effects with the fabrics that I was getting with my photos! It was a game, endlessly fascinating, but a hobby that while it amused me it also offers me an insight into what could be accomplished and help me in the future.

I ended up with a huge photo archive, full of ideas for my future collections.

I slowed down the pace of my work to allow myself more time with my family. We devoted ourselves to our private life, though I never really stopped thinking about the evolution and changes I could make in my companies.

I was slightly falling out of love with my work, but I was not sure what was wrong and what to do. In a way I was glad not to have to submit to the new rules of fashion, they were beginning to make everything too organized, too politicized.

I didn’t like the routine and the new turn of events that was taking over fashion. Industrialized processes were accelerating more and more and this was ruining creativity.

It was as if I refused to be part of the system and want to remain a young, creative designer with freedom without limitations.

The same person who had refused to take the exam at the Academy… I grew up on the street like many young people of my time there and I wanted to go on living! A nomad. A free spirit whose soul was his own despite his successes. A hippy.


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  1. miluca
    miluca says:

    Dear Roberto ,
    Preciosa colección , como siempre . Pero en éste aso no consigo ver cual es la inspiración . Me gustaría visitar tu print studio dene ser magnifico.
    Saludos ,

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