401. Morocco, Kenya, India, Nepal, Japan…

Roberto and Eva Cavalli401. Morocco, Kenya, India, Nepal, Japan…

In the late 80’s, Eva and I started traveling all over Morocco, Kenya, India, Nepal and Japan.

Eva loved the adventure as I did.  We stayed at hotels of all kinds, met interesting people and we liked the local cuisine.

We were curious about everything.  I had already visited many of those countries and was able to introduce Eva to many places familiar to me. I felt like a mentor to her.

We bought silk and other local materials which we took to local tailors to have dresses made right on the spot according to our designs.  For few rupees did everything we asked and handed our finished clothes to us in just a few hours.

We liked to swim in those clean seas and then lie down on the beach for hours without thinking about anything, just us with our happiness!

We were always looking for new markets and the locals were happy to meet with us and offer their help.  This was true everywhere, in Morocco as in India.

Those markets were a feast of colours and scents.  Beautiful women, rich and poor alike, capitalizing on their local makeup and jewellery, made the most of themselves in their local saris or caftans.

Unique faces enhanced with coloured or black makeup according to the local traditions!  We always arrived home with strange objects or fabrics that were often put aside in a few months, but it was fun to try carpets and fabrics in our Florence home…  these experiments were well worth the effort.

We came back increasingly close to each other, with eyes and minds full of images, images that I captured with my camera.

I then found I have a passion for photography and I liked to think that everything I saw and photographed could become a new design for my clothes.  Deserts… sunsets… trees… clouds… fish… birds… I photographed everything I liked and everything that intrigued me.

Then, when I returned to Florence, I shut myself in my darkroom for hours and hours, developing and printing.  I had built a real photo studio in an outbuilding in the garden with all kinds of imaginable equipment.

…to be continued.


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