94. Good Morning to All!

Roberto Cavalli showroom94. Good Morning to All!

I did not sleep very well, but I got up full of energy… and anxiety. It is the first day of the new collection! This afternoon I will receive the comments from the first buyers.

This is only the first part of the Spring-Summer 2013 collection. The complete collection will make its appearance in three weeks. It is important to receive the first impressions now so that we can introduce any small changes or add some items!

Next week will see me very busy… I must not give in to fatigue!!

Six months… six months… every six months… how many collections…? how many ideas…? how many anxieties… screams of joy… tears of joy and emotion… tears of delusion!

Adrenaline has always been my only drug. It has helped me overcome the most difficult moments… to be strong in those moments calling for all my grit and amazement!

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for London. This visit is not for fashion but for a reason even more exciting. Tomorrow evening at 6 pm, at my son Robert’s College, there will be a graduation ceremony celebrating the end of his four years of study!

I must say he was a very good student.

No, I will not say more, but I’ll be with you soon to describe this latest major thrill!

Roberto Cavalli

showroom Roberto Cavalli

showroom Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    AUGURIIIIII e Complimnti a Robert,
    é bello sapere che oltre lo stress del quotidiano…poi i suoi vestiti sono delle opere d’arte (mi picciono le scarpe e le borse FANTASTICHE!!!!!!)…siá lo stesso il tempo per le emozioni che valgono piú
    di tutto il resto…cioé la FAMIGLIA!!!!
    Sign. Roberto non vedo l’ora di sapere il seguito!!!!!

    Con Affetto

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!
    E Grande Robin!! 🙂
    Non deve essere facile studiare in lingua straniera e conseguire il diploma in una scuola Inglese!
    Complimenti a Robin…..!
    Facci sapere come è andata la cerimonia del diploma…..sono sicuro che sarà emozionante per te!
    Un abbraccio a te e a Robin…!

  3. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Buongiorno Mr Cavalli, sonio fiero di vedere come lei e bravo di creare bellissime abiti, e poi per non parlare, quante splendide colori di scarpe. Mi da energia soltanto di quardarle, Io amo le scarpe.Buon viaggio a Londra, ci sentiamo tanti salute da Frøydis al Nord

  4. Tiina Kirss
    Tiina Kirss says:

    Buongiorno,Caro Roberto:)
    Come Lei gia ha capito,non parlo bene italiano ma spero tanto che Lei mi capisce;)
    Non trovo le prole quanto mi piacciono i Suoi greature…bellissime e´troppo poco da dire…
    Avuto sempre un sogno fare una sfilata con i Suoi abiti da Dio:)

    Con grand affetto

  5. Giuseppe Marco Pasquarella
    Giuseppe Marco Pasquarella says:

    @RCavalli @AriaArayulo
    carissimo Roberto cavalli piacerebbe conoscerti per delle proposte di lavoro sono un maestro d’arte in vetrinistica e organizzo eventi moda , di cui l’evento più clou è Moda da scoprire che si fa su una scalinata tipo piazza di spagna però a Termoli , mi piacerebbe portare una parte della tua collezione o di una linea .Giuseppe Pasquarella

  6. Colombian Princess
    Colombian Princess says:

    What a fantastic collection.

    I love the snakeprint handbag with the red handle– absolutely gorgeous! The pictures you take always brighten my day and make me smile.

    Congratulations on your son’s graduation.

  7. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli your collection is beyond perfection! All the items are fantastic and those shoes are to die for!!! I promise to do my best to succeed and get several pairs of those fabulous footwear! Roberto you are true artist, the most talented designer and a great personality. I can’t stop admiring you and your talent!

    P.S. Have a safe trip to London Mr Cavalli. Say hi to your son 🙂


    I ♥ YOU


  8. jinming
    jinming says:

    I love the new collection so much when the first sight I have seen them ! especially the colors ,and the printing ! full of Cavalli’s soul and passion !
    Actually , I am a graduated student from Istituto Marangoni in Master Fashion design ,and now am the student of Universita Cattolica for learning Master Luxury Goods Management . I always dream to have an opportunity for talking with Mr Cavalli and Working with him and the Cavalli team as a stage in Firenze !
    I love the life even though it is so short for everyone , but it is also fair to everyh one , and after I had known the brand Roberto Cavalli . It makes me understand the 3 important things for me in all my life , they are : aria , acqua , moda !
    Love U and Best wishes for Sig. Cavalli !

  9. femmy
    femmy says:

    I absolutely love the outfits…If i had the money i would buy all of these…Keep up the good work. you are just awesome…Thumps UP and all the best.

    Congratulation!!! A proud moment for you Mr Cavalli!!! Wishing Junior Cavalli every success

  10. Asya
    Asya says:

    Good day!congratulations!
    special word of gratitude for your collection SS 2013.
    15 days later I also graduate. and my faculty in Russia so far has no analogues! Faculty of Business in the fashion industry. I had excellent teachers from Milan and London, Paris. As part of the learning process we have worked with global brands, learning strategy and history.
    it is not only my education. a former Department of Finance and many years of experience in planning and analytical department, and even more years in advertising and marketing.
    I also seriously developing direction of visual merchandising, developing creative concepts and сreativity of advertising campaigns. developing an prints and different styles of shops.
    Will be glad of any opportunities in work of probation in the favorite company.
    I wish you success and equitable development.
    Thank you.
    Best regards, Riazankina Asya

  11. veronika belotserkovsky
    veronika belotserkovsky says:

    Dear Roberto , LOVE ALLS YOUR COLLECTIONS !!! I lived in Moscow and Saint Jean Cap Ferrat : Do you plan to opened a Boutique in Monaco ? : me and my friends hope you open in Monaco or Cannes …. please let me know !!! i love your boutique in Paris . SMACK !! veronika

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