149. I Spent a Wonderful Day with Robert…

Roberto Cavalli149. I Spent a Wonderful Day with Robert…

After an excellent lunch at Robin’s favorite restaurant we went to visit the college where he spends most of his days – magnificent!

The college is located in a large red brick building in the center of one of the most beautiful parks in London. There is a small lake with some boats that silently wander with young lovers… lots of ducks of various sizes and colors enliven the natural harmony that surrounds the famous Regent’s College!

We visit the library. Although it is Saturday, many young people are immersed in their studies. I refrain from asking questions! Then we visit the coffee shop where Robin takes his first cup of coffee in the morning before starting his lessons… one of his classrooms… I’m excited… it is comprehensible… it is the life of my “bambino” in the big city that is London… maybe… he is already a man!

I like to assimilate the tone of his voice as he describes his habits and the places that are part of his college life!

Regent's CollegeThe Omar birthday dinner was fun, I was in great shape and I entertained them all. When I want I can be a good comedian!

In addition to Omar, Robin had invited two friends, two sisters from Florence. Lisa, 21 years studied in Moscow until a year ago and has now moved to London. She began to design a line of sneakers with great success. Her sister, Jessica, attended the American School in Florence with Robin and now she attends her first year of college in London.

Two very nice and beautiful young ladies! David was another friend who was invited. He is the famous former Juventus player who retired a few years ago but is still very much missed by the Juventus fans.

The other friend was Boris, the younger brother of the wife of Mr. Abramovich the Russian tycoon, one of the richest men in the world and known by everyone as the owner of the Chelsea Football Club.

We ended the evening at the Playboy Club. We had a lot of fun, I taught Robin and his friends how to play Black Jack. The croupier was a beautiful girl dressed as a bunny. WE WON! Not much, but we came out winners, very rare but possible!

We returned to the beautiful apartment, I noticed the joy in Robin’s eyes… a beautiful day with “BABBO!” *

Un bacio a tutti!


* BABBO = Is Tuscan dialect and means DAD

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    You are a great comedian, Mr. Cavalli : – ): that is the quality of your personality that allows you not to take your fame too seriously. You are a man that walks around the world/life with your heart on the palm of your hands. It does not harm you to be that way because you are an extremely shrewd and intelligent man. Bellissimo il “college” di Robin.

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    “quando m’impegno, posso essere un bravo attore comico! ”
    E’ vero!! Mi ricordo ancora di alcune tue “uscite”…..sono rimaste nella storia!
    Il Cavalli “Fiorentinaccio” lo conoscono in pochi……ma quelli che hanno la fortuna di conoscerlo non se lo scordano più! 🙂

    Se poi vinci anche a Blackjack…beh che dire….Portaci fortuna giovedì contro il Genoa….che ne avremo bisogno!! 🙂

    Un Abbraccio a te e Robin


  3. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli thank you for sharing the photos and the video.. Robin’s college looks a perfect place for studies, so modern yet with a beautiful nature around.
    The Playboy Club looks hot.. Love the girls dressed as bunnies. So seductive.
    Roberto you are a great dad! Robin and the rest of your children are blessed to have you.


    LOVE U


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