148. I’m in London with Robert…

Roberto and Robin Cavalli

Roberto and Robin Cavalli

148. I’m in London with Robert…

Robin has struggled to find an apartment he wanted, just a few meters from my boutique on Sloane Street in London.

I had to help him with it. I did not listen to my principles, “not to help children too much…” but Robin is a student in his first year in college and he is a good guy… maybe he deserves a little help!

I was in NY. I left a day earlier and, instead of returning immediately to Florence, I arranged to stop in London to spend two days with Robin. I want to finally see what he has chosen and eventually to meet his friends!

A car is waiting for me at the airport. I have not seen Robin, my little big gentle giant, for several weeks! He is waiting for me at the door, perhaps he is anxious to see me and excited to show me his new apartment!

Robin was right to try so hard to find this place… it is really delightful… my little scream of admiration makes him happy. He is telling me that he decorated it himself, without any help! Everything is perfect… clean… everything is in the right place!

He has so much to tell me, even though we talk every day on the phone. He is not entirely convinced about the direction he has chosen at the college. He seeks my advice…

Robin is taking a course in Business at Regent’s College. I always admired his taciturn but imaginative character. This side of his character reminds me of an eighteen-year-old Roberto Cavalli who feared the future, with little self-confidence. I took refuge in my thoughts and art was my outlet!

Robin has to follow his instincts. It is difficult for a father to advise … His life is long, there is plenty of time for it to find the truth that lurks inside him! What he is doing is not a waste of time. Life is a wonderful container of many experiences!

Robin CavalliWhen I asked him where he is taking me for dinner and if he had organized the evening to include some friends, I find out that it is the Omar’s birthday, his best friend.

Robin made a round of phone calls to gather as many friends as possible to celebrate Omar’s birthday.

I called the Director of CIPRIANI to book a table and I ordered a cake with twenty-three candles with the words “Happy Birthday Omar.”

Birthday at Cipriani - LondonThere was a lot of joy in Robin’s face. I was happy to be near him and to be a “friend” among his friends!

I leave the rest of the description of this beautiful day with “il mio grande bambino” for tomorrow…

Un bacio grande…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    Bé incredibbile,un padre che ti organizza una cena con la torta per il tuo migliore amico…
    ed esserti affinco quando devi fare delle scelte importanti´…
    é un padre UNICO nel suo genere!!!!!!
    Auguriiii Robin per il tuo appartamento!!!!
    le foto sono adorabbili!!!!!!!
    Con Affetto Marí <3 😉

  2. Maia
    Maia says:

    Robert resembles you very much, Mr. Cavalli. But he looks like a Roberto Cavalli painted by a great portrait painter : – ). He looks like a great kid -a young adult, I should have said : – ) -. I believe parents should help their children as long as they study satisfactorily. Nice to see you enjoying life with your “piccolo”.

  3. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli your post is so touching. It describes how much you are attached to Robin. I think the parents should help their children in case their help is appreciated.
    The cake you ordered for Omar’s Birthday looks yummy 🙂 I bet he was happy with it 🙂 I’d love to have a small piece too 😛




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