147. A New Just Cavalli Boutique in Soho.

Roberto Cavalli - Madison Ave Boutique147. A New Just Cavalli Boutique in Soho.

This brand, Just Cavalli, is having a great success!  It is regaining the ground lost due to the failure of the previous licensee.

This latest collection for summer 2013 had an increase in sales of 34 percent. I’ve dedicated myself more than ever… I felt young…  creating this collection with a lot of grit for the young!

One of the important reasons for my trip to New York is to visit the space that will house the future JUST CAVALLI boutique.  It is located on West Broadway before Spring Street.  I know this space well.  Until a few months ago there was the D&G boutique, the brand abandoned by Dolce & Gabbana.

Just CavalliI took a lot of photos. The place is in excellent condition. I’ll start the project immediately with my young architects. I would like to open it up and have a big opening party this February, during the New York Fashion Week.

Immediately after that I went for lunch at MICHAEL’S, a good restaurant on 55th between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, in company with Glenda Bailey, the great editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar and its highly respected fashion editors Laura Brown and Nicole Fritton.

Roberto Cavalli with Glenda Bailey

Roberto Cavalli with Glenda Bailey

I’d give Glenda the Palm of Sympathy of American Fashion and to Laura and Nicole great recognition for their sexy charm! As you can imagine it was a very enjoyable and memorable lunch!

Soon after I ran home to prepare my luggage.  At 6.30pm Cristiano and Massimo Veneziano will take me to my boutique on Madison Avenue where 50 beautiful ladies, great clients and fans, are waiting for me to attend a small fashion show.  I will host with my good friend Hal Rubenstein, director of InStyle!

Immediately after the meeting with my wonderful fans I run to the airport to take the British Airways night flight to London!

I hope that my pictures allow you to live with me my three days in New York…

I send you a huge kiss, my great friends!

Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!!
    E’ sempre un piacere vedere che un’azienda Italiana, in questo momento di crisi, abbia questa espansione…!!
    Fossero tutti come te…..altro che crisi ci sarebbe!
    Comunque, io adoro il tuo inglese….. troppo simpatico!!! 🙂

    Un Abbraccio

  2. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli you look so cute among those beautiful ladies.. I hope to have a photo like this with you one day. Roberto I am one of the greatest fans of yours. I believe i get an opportunity to meet you in person and express my endless respect and admiration for who you are and what you do.


    LUV YA


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