134. Madrid is Waiting for Me!

Roberto Cavalli with Ricardo Martinelli

Roberto Cavalli with Ricardo Martinelli

134. Madrid is waiting for me!

I am leaving Las Vegas with a Virgin Airlines flight that will take me to London, the penultimate stop of my long journey.

I will be in London in nine hours. A private airplane is waiting for me to take me to Madrid for the opening of my new boutique. It is an event I have been looking forward to for a long time.

The Spanish market and especially the Latin one are very important for my fashion. They love the positivity of my colors.

The plane is moving and in a few seconds the hostess will tell me to turn off the phone, I never figured out if it is really necessary. On my helicopter, equally full of electronic instruments, I don’t feel the need to turn it off!

It was a long and hard week, Milan… New York… Panama… Los Angeles… Las Vegas…

New York - Photoshoot

New York – Photoshoot

New York, nothing special, I went to dinner at Cipriani, I wanted to hug my dear friend Marco Revedin. After a long meeting in my showroom I left for Panama. The son of the President, Ricardo Martinelli, sent the president’s plane to pick me up. He opened a beautiful Roberto Cavalli boutique and he wanted my presence there for the inauguration.

After the ribbon cutting, I had to take a picture with so many Panamanian ladies excited to meet me and talk with me. On those occasions I feel like a “Rock Star”. It is fun, but very tiring… a smile and a compliment to everyone… I shall be charming! Besides the designer I must also show the Italian Latin Lover who loves the beautiful ladies… It is their beauty that inspires me to design and create my sexy collections!

The evening continued with a wonderful dinner in the best restaurant in Panama with the President and his entire family. I’m sitting at the right hand of the President and the First Lady is sitting to my left. A wonderful dinner with great food… the tiredness begins to take its toll… I cannot give up and I always have to look my best…

Roberto Cavalli Boutique - Panama

Roberto Cavalli Boutique – Panama

The next morning I go to Los Angeles. It has never happened before. I have gone around half of the world in four days… far too little time, or maybe… I am getting a little too old for this!

My American PR had organized a dinner for the fifty most important ladies, my biggest fans, of course! I had to brush up my whole repertoire of compliments… including a charmer look which I had not used for a very long time… Angela Mariani, my great long time PR, enjoyed seeing the happiness of all the ladies when they met me and could finally hug me with the excuse of a photo!

It is hard to describe their excitement… the entertaining evening helped me to forget how tired I was…

Los Angeles - Sunset

Los Angeles – Sunset

Las Vegas is my next step. I was offered an opportunity to open a Cavalli Club in one of the most elegant and cool hotels…
I am very excited, the space that they showed me is special and I am already dreaming… a club with my name in Las Vegas… Fantastico!

I’m up in the sky… I try to sleep to make this nine hour flight shorter…

I close my eyes and I think of the many people who love me and admire me…

My life is a long dream!

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli - Interview - Panama

Roberto Cavalli – Interview – Panama

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    GORGEOUS boutique that of Panama!!! You look thinner, Mr. Cavalli, and much younger. The gray hair looks good on you. I was surprised not to see Isabel Preysler (supposedly the queen of Spanish frivolous magazines) on the newspapers with you yesterday. It must be because she is apparently a close friend of Giorgio Armani. I am
    sure your very competent PR knew who to invite.. Massimo Veneziano is a great professional and a down to earth person. Congrats for having him with you. He is also very lucky to have you as his boss. Take a break, please. By the way I loved your sfillata in Milano: BEAUTY, ELLEGANCE, ARTISTIC CREATIVENESS, GOWNS THAT ONE FEELS LIKE WEARING (which is not always the case with top designers’ fancy clothes). It is a shame the organization did not live up to what could be expected in Milan.

  2. yana
    yana says:

    lo so, l’ho detto tante volte… ADORO IL SUO BLOG! leggere le Sue parole é come ascoltare un amico… da quanto tempo esiste questo blog? neanche un anno… pero ormai veramente mi preoccupo quando Lei non scrive per qualche giorno:))) have a nice trip, get some rest and write us soon please!

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