135. Madrid… a Wonderful City!

Roberto Cavalli - Madrid135. Madrid… a Wonderful City!

Madrid is the last stop of my long journey, eight days around the world!

I quickly dropped the luggage at the hotel and I am on my way to my new boutique for the final touches before the official opening tomorrow.

I designed this boutique along with my architects and this is the first time that I see it completed… beautiful… bellissima!

I’m happy, Madrid is the capital of fashion for the Latin world including South America, and every fashion house is well represented here in Madrid.  During these three days in Madrid I realized how much I am loved and admired!

A little time to get to know all the staff… change some dresses on the mannequins and I am on my way to Ramses, the beautiful restaurant designed by Philippe Starck.

They’re waiting for me for a photo shoot for ¡HOLA!, the most important weekly magazine of the Latin countries. They will publish twenty pages for the opening event of my new boutique in Madrid.  I must appear in perfect shape and not to show fatigue. Before leaving the hotel I had a little sun tanning makeup… I look great!

I gained confidence… I am almost an actor! I enjoy being in front of a camera. I remember my insecurity many, many years ago!

The restaurant is being prepared for the next day’s big party. Madrid is abuzz with great expectations!  I am still considered to be the big party designer since my parties in Porto Cervo and the incredible event in Paris to celebrate my forty years in the fashion world!

Roberto Cavalli Boutique - Madrid

Roberto Cavalli Boutique – Madrid

Just a quick pause to freshen-up… a beautiful red Porsche is waiting for me to take me to the dinner of Nuria Alvarez, the beautiful model and now the wife of the president of Real Madrid.

Eva is waiting for me in the car… she is beautiful and elegant… I do not feel at her level… My adrenaline starts to act… I cannot show my fatigue… only a few hours ago I was flying from Los

Madrid PartyThe house is indescribable, with a beautiful park and with in the center an ancient tree. A fine dinner… great guests… including the Spanish Minister of Justice.

The ladies, happy and excited to meet me, are wearing Cavalli dresses, very elegant. Eva is fully aware of being the most beautiful and the most special! Fernando, the President of Real Madrid, the greatest team in the world, shows me his cellar that holds the most special wines in the world… French… South American… Australian… Spanish… and some of the most exquisite Italian wines, including the pride of my son Tommaso… the Cavalli wine, certainly among the ten best Italian wines!

A special evening, my big bed seems very special to me… when I am lying… without thinking about anything…

Only a great need to dream!

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  1. yanazabarskana
    yanazabarskana says:

    ogni volta che vedo un nome di un ristorante su questo blog lo aggiungo alla mia lista mentale di “cose da vedere”… vorrei avere una “Mappa del Mondo di Roberto Cavalli” con i Suoi commenti su ogni posto da Lei visitato:))))

    20 pagine dedicate a RC??? possiamo vederli per favore???

  2. Maia
    Maia says:

    Congrats for your new boutique in Madrid, Mr. Cavalli! It looks gorgeous. It reminds of your beautiful casa fiorentina, where your outstanding wife’s hand can be seen everywhere. I am sure you know what the Voc Populi in Florence says “Ronerto Cavalli was a solid great artist when he met his decond wife Eva, but she helped him consolidate his international fame. She is a hard worker and a very creative woman, and very down to earth”. I have heard it myself from Florentines who admire you greatly. By the way, I must tell you there is a huge error on this blog today (135). The couple that gave a dinner on your honor were FERNANDO FERNÁNDEZ TAPIAS (Fefé) AND NURIA GONZÁLEZ. You can look it up yourself on today’s edition of http://www.vanitatis.com, and he is not the president of the Real Madrid Club de Fútbol. The president of the Real Madrid is the very well known FLORENTINO PÉREZ. Kindest regards.

  3. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Hello Mr. Cavalli! You always look so confident in front of the cameras. I could never imagine you ever get nervous. Love the photos of your boutique in Madrid. By the way I like to use sun tanning makeup.. Glad to know you do it as well.. Hope it’s not the only thing we have in common 🙂




  4. Zeta
    Zeta says:

    Maia, the mistake is not that huge after all: Mr. Fernández Tapias is actually the vice-president of Real Madrid, it should be fixed but it is not that big of a deal.

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