328 Spain!

Roberto Cavalli with Ariadne Artiles328 Spain!

I am packing my suitcase, once again. This evening I am heading to Spain.

I love Spain and I love the people!

Spain is a concentrate of history, culture and amazing artists! The Spanish are people I admire very much. I admire the zest for life that is an integral part of their culture. I love their Latin passion and the unique and unmistakable way of living that they incorporate into their arts and everyday life…

The occasion of my trip to Spain will allow me to savour once again the pleasure of visiting those places so amazingly and distinctly charming.

It’s been two years but it seems like yesterday when I opened the Roberto Cavalli Boutique in Madrid… what a fantastic event!

I was invited there by ELLE to participate in a special event. But now I must leave you. In the next post I will tell you all the details…

Vi mando un grande bacino…


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Roberto Cavalli Boutique - Madrid

Roberto Cavalli Boutique – Madrid

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    BIENVENIDO a Madrid, Sr. Cavalli! Madrid es, como sabe Ud. muy bien, una ciudad en la que se vive la vida con intensidad, pero sin estridencias. Aquí se come muy requetebién y, además, se hace sentir a todo el mundo como si estuviera en su casa. Espero que disfrute al máximo de su breve estancia. Un saludo

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