140. Fashion is Wonderful…

Roberto and Eva Cavalli140. Fashion is Wonderful…

I have not abandoned you… I think of you… but I have not much to tell.  After my fashion show, I felt the need to relax, to take care of myself, think, feel the taste and smell of my thoughts… yesterday… today and tomorrow…

I’m glad I am not  younger and that I have lived my life as a long adventure.  I had no fear of time passing, I never thought that tomorrow would be more beautiful than today just because I learned something more today.

Yesterday is part of my past as is fifty years ago!  It happened, no regrets and no regrets about what I did and what I should have done.

Tomorrow, what I do I will try to do it better…

I never wasted a day of my life, I consider it too important to use it in a useless way…

I titled this post about Fashion, and my thoughts started to fly…

Why fashion? I wanted to go to Paris, the bandwagon of fashion has been transferred to the Ville Lumiere.  I choose to follow the fashion shows on the internet. I’ve watched all the shows, day by day.

I do not know why, I have always ignored what my colleagues do. However, I cannot be totally naive  about  what is happening in the fashion world.   If I am at a dinner with beautiful ladies I must be ready to satisfy their curiosity about what is happening in the fashion world!

This morning I called a dear friend, the biggest, the number one, as a friend and as a fashion journalist.  Perhaps journalist is not the correct definition.  My good friend has the great ability to judge what is right in what the fashion shows propose…

Unfortunately I have not had the chance to talk to her.  She will surely be engaged in one of the many fashion shows taking place in Paris…

I wanted to ask my good friend to give me an explanation of the current fashions, why certain brands succeed…  why hosannas are given to some boring designers who only offer past ideas and why the press exalts and glorifies them!

I am just thinking out loud here. I just want a better understanding of the changes currently reshaping fashion.

I will continue to tell you about my thoughts.  It will help me to reflect and perhaps to understand a new language!  The language of a universe parallel to mine…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. keyv
    keyv says:

    Purtroppo viviamo in un mondo dove tutto cio’ che e’ passato, viene osannato perche tutti troppo superficiali, disillusi, impauriti e soprattutto “pigri” per lottare, credere e creare qualcosa di nuovo.
    Fa comodo pensare che tutto sia stato fatto e detto e in un certo senso e’ anche vero, ma l’impegno per la vita, la passione che giorno per giorno ti spinge a ricercare, a sognare, quella sensazione che brucia nel cuore e che senti crescere dentro di te, che crea una voglia inevitabile e travolgente di fare qualcosa di nuovo, che sia dalla moda, alla musica, alla vita quotidiana di tutti i giorni, l’invenzione di quel piccolo dettaglio che cambia completamente tutte le cose, e’ qualcosa che richiede un grande sforzo che non tutti, PUTROPPO, hanno il coraggio o sono capaci di affrontare.
    Mi scuso per il lungo commento, ma davvero ho sentito vicino questo suo post, soprattutto dopo la meravigliosa collezione che ha appena presentato!

  2. Danilo
    Danilo says:

    Gentile sig. Cavalli,
    Innanzitutto le dico che sono un suo grande ammiratore e appassionato del suo stile, per me continua fonte d’ispirazione.
    Mi permetto di condividere il suo pensiro sul mondo della moda e in generale sulle sensazioni che esso genera in ognuno di noi.

    Spero un giorno di poter collaborare con Lei per le sue collezioni.

    la seguo sempre



  3. Maia
    Maia says:

    You look great in black, Mr. Cavalli. I also wonder, as you do, why some designers of unwearable clothes are sometimes -too many, indeed- so successful. Your designs, as I have said before, are very wearable, extremely beautiful and very femInine. Your great admiration for the feminine gender is very present on each one of your unforgettable designs. But as I have suggested on this blog before, there are more Cavallis than the very many you have portrayed . I hope you finally design the Cavalli I have on my mind, and I can buy it some day. Do not feel old, please. You are very young at heart, and that is the only thing that counts. I am always very happy to see pictures of you and your wife happily together. Your family and your very close friends -together with your lovely animals, including Mac, of course- should always be your first fountain of inspiration. May God bless you all!

  4. Akvile
    Akvile says:

    You were ignoring other designers? Maybe that’s why no one can re-interpret the “cavalli” print. I saw the influence even sitting at the shows during this fashion week in Milan, of course you can never say that animal print is Cavalli’s as much as you cannot tell that red belongs to Christian, but it looks like that!


  5. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli you are wonderful!!! Thank you for being who you are. You are an amazing person, love to read your thoughts and ideas. You’re my idol, not for being a famous fashion designer but first of all for being a great personality who is so open-hearted and down to earth.

    Kisses and hugs



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