50. After my wonderful experience in Paris I am now back in Milan.

Roberto Cavalli - Elisa Sednaoui - Bernd Beetz

Bernd Beetz - Elisa Sednaoui - Roberto Cavalli

50. After my wonderful experience in Paris I am now back in Milan.

Tomorrow I have a very important meeting.
Coty is the company that produces and distributes my fragrance. Released just two months ago, the fragrance is already the “most sold” in northern Europe, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
In Italy, where the fragrance was released just a few days ago, you can already see the beautiful advertising campaign on all Italian channels.

The meeting tomorrow is about the new fragrance due out in September/October.
A young, fresh scent, with the delicate sweetness loved by the young women who dress JUST CAVALLI!

What a great pleasure to work with a company like Coty! I feel committed to their organization… they take me by the hand… they accompany me into their world… I feel I am flying in a spaceship… from Fashion to Cosmetics… a short but learning step that allows me to stay ahead of my colleagues with my revolutionary and artistic ideas!


Coty - Roberto CavalliCoty’s Research & Development (R&D) is wonderful. They show me how we will be the strongest on the market. They ask me for my cooperation… for my presence in various countries at launch… They have great confidence in my charismatic affection for the young. They make me feel like a Rock Star!

During the course of an afternoon they brought together three communications companies – two American and one English. One by one they outlined their ideas and how they would approach their markets.
An interesting meeting, so interesting to see the market through the eyes of each one.

I want to be close to you and show that you’re part of my life…

Un bacino grande

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  1. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Buongiorno di nuovo,oggi non ho tanto tempo di scriverti,buona giornata ci sentiamo tanti saluti da Frøydis (belle foto come sempre)

  2. yana
    yana says:

    Auguuuuuri:))))) Questo blog é come un neonato – i primi mesi si festeggia quasi ogni mese, poi ci sara la festa del primo compleanno… (ahhh, dobbiamo iniziare a pensare al REGALO:))))))) in questi mesi siamo felicissimi per ogni “stupidaggine” che vediamo qui, poi ci afezioneremo e ci preoccuperemo se non vedremo nuovi post…:)))

    Io ADORO la bottiglietta del Just Cavalli Pink! Adoro le strisce tigrate e il colore verdastro del vetro… Sono curiosissima di vedere la bottiglietta nuova… Ho voglia di lasciare stare tutto e mettermi a disegnare bottigliette di profumo:))))

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!!
    O come sei Ganzo? Sei sempre il numero uno in tutto quello che fài…..
    Una volta si diceva “è stto una buona stella…” Te altro che stella…..sei sotto l’intero firmamento! 🙂
    Magari prendessero da tè un pò quelli della nostra povera Viola…….!
    Sei il meglio!

    Un Abbraccio.


  4. Betty
    Betty says:


    Semplicemente amo tuo blog!!! C’é un modo meraviglioso di esercitare la lingua Italiana (l’ ho studiato nel liceo, ma ho dimenticato molto)! Ma sono molto felice per incontrarti e tuoi giorni nel questo blog!

    I’m so sorry but my Italian is not so good, so I’ll continue writing in English…
    I’ve found your blog thanks to Thalía, who I admire a lot. I always loved your amazing dresses! Your perfume, Anniversary is my all-time favourite! I’m really excited to try out the newest fragrance of yours! Unfortunately it is not available in Hungary yet. May I ask you when do you plan to bring it to my beautiful country?

    I really hope one day I can meet you personally to say thank you for all the lovely moments & inspiration you gave me with your perfumes and wonderful dresses (hope one day I can wear one of them)!

    Wish you a beautiful day!

    With lots of love,
    Betty (@MsBettyLove on Twitter)

  5. Marcello Trettin
    Marcello Trettin says:

    Congratulations Roberto,
    I have been your fan and a fan of your style and how you dress a woman since long time ago. I have been working hard to reach a level that I can buy a Cavalli dress to present a special woman. Some time ago I reach this level, but not until last week I had found that special woman. This started to change last month when I met her. So I suppose that, if all that I’m wondering happens, probably i will cover her with your fine cloths…
    thanks to create some magical artwork, fantastic cloths that we, simple and passionate man can dreams on our musas!

  6. Paul Jacobs
    Paul Jacobs says:

    Hi Roberto,
    Sorry I do not speak Italian, except for Lamborghini, Valentino Rossi, Ducati and of course Cavalli!!
    I bought one of your jackets back in 2001 in Harrods Contemporary menswear department and to this day I wear it and get so many comments, even now!! It is the one with fur collar and holes in the lower sleeve with fur coming through the holes, fantastic. There were only 4 of them sold in UK. 1 went to Freddy Ljungberg the Arsenal player, 1 to Tunde Baiyewu the singer with the Lighthouse Family, 1 to someone I never heard of and the last one went to me I am very proud to say, although the bear claw was missing when I bought it, shame. It is simply stunning and unique. I love your style for men’s clothes (and women’s too of course, but I wear men’s) so keep on doing what you’re doing Roberto ! All the best, multo grazie, Paul

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