51. Tonight I’ll stay home!

Roberto Cavalli - Julian Shnabel Art

Roberto Cavalli – Julian Shnabel Art

51. Tonight I’ll stay home!

I need to relax. Does that seem strange!?
I am sure that many of you have asked yourself the same question.
All my life it has been like this… I don’t like to get bored… Sometimes resting makes me bored, but I should relax, I feel that my body needs it – maybe even my mind!

I love to sleep. I try never to commit myself for early morning meetings. I like to wake up, get up and call Lupo onto my bed for a few seconds, the time for him to wash my face with his kisses!

Tonight I’ll be comfortable in your company…!
What can I make for dinner? I think I have a good sea bass in the fridge. I bought it yesterday from Claudio, the best fish shop in Milan. I will cook it “al sale” with some new potatoes… Am I making your mouth water? I invite you, all of you, to dinner at my house to show you that I am not kidding!

Roberto Cavalli - Computer Desk

Roberto Cavalli – Computer Desk

I sit at the computer, well, a professional computer with two giant screens and two professional photo printers. One of the printers is for the normal size A4 and A3, while the other is a plotter for larger sizes.

I’m not very good with computers, but I manage! I don’t want to be too technical and lose my spontaneity when I create the designs to be printed on my fabrics!

To describe my house… large studio apartment… freedom that I can do whatever I want… meters of books and magazines stacked high everywhere… two large white leather sofas with lots of pillows… zebra… giraffe… leopard!

In the center, between two columns, an ancient Persian horse, half of the ‘700, I bought it from an antique shop several years ago.
Six floor to ceiling windows give the house a lot of light and overlook a main road and a beautiful park, a favorite of Lupo!

It ‘s time to talk about a beautiful portrait that Julian Schnabel made of me in New York 6 or 7 years ago. Schnabel is one of the greatest modern painters of our time, for me he is number one. I don’t claim to be in the best position to critique modern painting. As a native Florentine I am bound to a sense of true art so my tastes have not yet gone much beyond Picasso!

Roberto Cavalli MilanoI went to his studio… utterly fascinating… located in West Village… one of the most beautiful and artistic in New York… I was invited by Shnabel, my great friend… when he told me he wanted to paint my portrait I felt incredibly honored!
Schnabel did not use a traditional canvas for my portrait but instead chose a large panel to which he glued many porcelain plates some whole, some fragmented.
On this, a work of modern art in itself, he painted this magnificent portrait!

I entered the studio and when I saw this great frame with lots of white plates cemented over, I was shocked. I never imagined the result…
I smiled to myself when Julian asked me if I wanted a straight face or smiling.
I know modern art and so I was very sceptical about likenesses!
I left the choice to him and settled into the position that he had suggested.
I expressed the desire not to see it until it was finished, I preferred to wait for the final result. I was afraid of not being able to hide my eventual disappointment.
Three, maybe four hours posing, I was terribly tired and bored!

When Julian said “now you can come and look, I hope you like it” I walked a few steps and stood in front of my portrait.
I was moved by an emotion that only a masterpieces can evoke!

Did you enjoy it?

Un bacino e…
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Chiara
    Chiara says:

    Inutile dirti che dalle foto il tuo appartamento sembra essere molto bello e accogliente!! Anche io questa sera sono a Milano, non vivo qua ma ci capito spesso! Nonostante sia in un splendido hotel quando stasera andrò a letto mi mancheranno tantissimo i miei animaletti che sono come bambini per me….Chanel, Divina, Luna, Atena, Maya e l’ultimo arrivato Apollo!!
    Una bacio! Buona serata!

  2. yana
    yana says:

    Questo appartamento é BELLISSIMO! adoro la luce, i colori, le coperte animalier…

    Il rittratto é fatto su pezzi di porcellana??? molto originale… é stupendo come DIPINTO, ma come RITRATTO non mi “convince”… Forse ha colto l’impressione, ma non Le assomiglia! O mi sbaglio perché La conosco solo dalle foto??? Ché ne dicono i Suoi amici stretti?

    Mi piace il quadro (la foto) dei retro delle macchine, chi l’ha fatto? E… DI CHI SONO QUELLE TETTE sul muro vicino al computer?:)))))) il giorno che non saprá cosa scrivere sul blog potrebbe fare un close up di tutte quelle foto vicino al computer e raccontarci le loro storie:))

    “Mi toccherà invitarvi tutti!” – Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:)))))))))))) io lascerei stare tutto per un branzino by Roberto Cavalli! ma non ci invitare troppo presto – amicizie virtuali troppo spesso si “guastano” un pó al contatto con la realtá… magari al nostro ehmmm… DECIMO anniversario:))))))

  3. Maria
    Maria says:

    Ciao Roberto,mi permetto di darti del tu visto che mi hai detto su twitter di non darti del lei!…volevo farti i complimenti per il blog!!…mi ci sto appassionando è molto bello che tu renda partecipi della tua vita le persone che come me ti hanno sempre ammirato e apprezzato….leggendo il blog si impara a conoscerti molto più da vicino e quindi a poter ammirare e apprezzare non solo IL PERSONAGGIO…LO STILISTA…ma anche L’UOMO…Io in genere non sono una amante dei romanzi…leggo sempre e solo le biografie o le autobiografie dei personaggi che più ammiro…il tuo blog è diventato il mio nuovo libro:-)…grazie….Ciao,Maria(la pugliese!)kiss kiss:-)
    ps:ho notato che nel tuo studio hai qualcosa che “mi appartiene”….è un orsetto firma-auguri della ditta presso cui lavoro e che vendo anche nel mio negozio a Firenze!:-)…!!

  4. Mary Ryan
    Mary Ryan says:

    Yeah we enjoyed it a lot.
    Your Potrait is really a masterpiece.
    And you described so well your house that you can also be a fantastic writer.
    Your country is very lucky because you born there.
    But thanks God you have boutique all over the worlds.
    This make fortunate even the rest of the world 🙂
    Waiting your next article

  5. Larry Tala
    Larry Tala says:

    Wow, that horse really stand out in the room. Your room is no different than Florence or your boutique in Las Vegas. I am so proud to wear your clothes. they are modern art and elegant. I can’t wait for the next gym summer collection.

  6. Claire Valily Earle
    Claire Valily Earle says:

    Wonderful! I absolutely adore your apartment Aswell as the portrait, its so you! You are my absolute favourite designer and a true inspiration! I am a new designer and have looked up to you for as long as I can remember .. Animal prints I love! Your style is the ultimate in sexy for a woman. Thank you and I love you too!!
    XOX Claire Valily

  7. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!!
    Ora ho capito come si chiama l’artista che ti ha fatto quel quadro così particolare…..me l’ero sempre chiesto! 🙂
    Come opera d’arte è veramente particolare e….ganza!!!!
    Se divento milionario quasi quasi gli commissiono il ritratto di della valle… sempre sulle porcellane si…..ma quelle dei water!!!!!! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio.


  8. Marta Cavalli Cavichioli
    Marta Cavalli Cavichioli says:

    Roberto Cavalli. Me sinto lisonjeada por conhecer um pouco do seu mundo. É uma honra para mim! Seu apartamento é lindíssimo. Acho que reflete um pouco da sua personalidade. É tão exuberante, charmoso e lindo quanto você!!! um dia quero conhecê-lo pessoalmente!!! Um abraço!!!

    Marta cavalli Cavichioli, Sua admiradira!!!

  9. Lynese Smith
    Lynese Smith says:

    I absolutely loved your entry about focusing on downtime, and thank you for inviting us into your world! I admire the portrait artist, Julian’s work as well. Indeed the greatest modern artist of our time…only because you haven’t seen my work 😉 but definitely one of the great contemporary painters.

    Sincerely and much love,


  10. Lorenla
    Lorenla says:

    Dwar Mr. Cavalli, or can I call you Mr. Cavallo?
    I loooooooooooooooooooove your bags and shadezZzZz, sadly I cant afford them since I am a single mom of 5 twins, and their fathers refuse to give me financial aid. I have stopped eating since December to save up for your perfume because its the only thing I can buy at the moment. If you are looking for a nanny, or a domestic helper please contact me….

    Love from Russia,
    Lorenela Charapova

  11. yana
    yana says:

    I cannot afford RC dresses either, but this perfume is that tiny drop of MAGIC that makes me feel GORGEOUS even if I’m wearing the same old little black dress:))) and I know perfectly that this perfume is just like any other, but it makes me think of RC collections, glamourous parties, mysterious places all over the world… well, basicly it reminds me of all the stories that we read here on the blog:)))

    and I think a mother of five twins might need some magic more than me:))))

  12. Надежда Петрова
    Надежда Петрова says:

    Роберто, традиционный холст, не смог бы передать многогранность и внутреннее трепетное волнение вашей натуры. Шнабель верно выбрал нетрадиционный материал для вашего портрета. Спасибо за ужин, морской окунь был чуть чуть недосолен, а картофель во рту таял,так было вкусно. До свидания Роберто, УДАЧИ.
    [Roberto, a traditional canvas, unable to convey the diversity and inner thrill of your life. Schnabel correctly chose an unconventional material for your portrait. Thanks for dinner, sea bass was a little bit insufficient salting and potatoes melted in my mouth, it was so delicious. Roberto goodbye, good luck.]

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