58. To Be With You Every Day is Not Easy!

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

58. To be with you every day is not easy!

You must forgive me if sometimes I’m not with you!
The Moroccan adventure was particularly tiring.
You cannot imagine how difficult it is to participate in some of these events, smile and spend time talking with everyone.
You try to remember the names of people you have only just met… whose names are often so difficult to pronounce!

It can become a little tiring after a while when the adrenaline begins to run out. At such times I like to be alone and dedicate a smile to myself!

I return to Florence with a great desire to be home, to be greeted by the calls of my pets.
Before entering my home-studio I stopped to give so many kisses to my granddaughters, Maria Eva and Maria Carla.
They were happy to see me, but perhaps, they were happier to see Lupo! Together we went for a long walk.

I feel great joy in noting the arrival of Spring and seeing my grandchildren play with Wolf. It gives me a wonderful sense of tranquility. I realize that I am smiling!

They showed me their skills in driving a beautiful electric-powered model Ferrari, a gift Maria Carla received a few days before for her birthday!

Roberto Cavalli - Studio Firenze

Roberto Cavalli - Studio Firenze

My studio… my cameras… my computers… I immediately feel a desire to see the photos I had taken in Morocco.
I have all the necessary equipment. I transfer the images of the interesting moments of my journey from the memory cards to the computer. Not bad… the pictures are fun… I like to see how I came out on those photos and I smile at the memory of those beautiful moments with Marta and all of the other friends.
Markets … restaurants … moments that I shall treasure… photos I shall look again and again over the years!

On my computer I keep a file of all my travels and lots of photos of special moments in my life.
I begin to sort the photos that I took for work as part of my continuing search for new ideas for future collections. The fabrics… the gilded Moroccan friezes are among the most interesting subjects.
Some photos are not the way I wanted. I shall have to spend some long evenings in the coming days to select and sort them.

I guarantee you that this is not work. It’s fun! I love the way the ideas begin to take shape, each one taking on a life of its own. Each time you feel a new emotion… each time it is repeated … each time the process of creation is renewed.

Fatigue starts to be felt…
I am sending you a bacino grande…
Good night or good morning…!


Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Guillermo
    Guillermo says:

    Ciao Mr. Cavalli bene si sente che stai troppo stanco ma deve de andare per in massagio e molto bene per la tua salute e si stai in Chicago io lo posso fare per te !! Un massagio ha molti benefici deve praticare un poco di meditazione anche ti aiutata molto! Aspetto ti senti bene per la seguente sventura ! Ti voglio sentire con molta giogaia come sempre!!!! Ciao!!

  2. Roa
    Roa says:

    WAUW! what an amazing studio. I love the ceeling and the combination of the light,sleek,modern interior mixed with that more tradional wooden horse. Beautiful. Looking back at your previous collection I really can see that you used your inspiration from your traveling. I always love how you mix fabrics, colors and different shapes in your designs, that mix always turns out so perfect together and very recognizable. I admire your creativity alot!

    Lots of Love,

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