59. I Am Very Busy With the New Collections…

Roberto Cavalli at work

Roberto Cavalli at work

59. I am very busy with the new collections…
We have chosen the fabrics and colors, now we are working on the designs and drawings for the prints.

I cannot reveal much about the direction of our ideas but I can tell you that I am very pleased! And this is only the beginning…!
My dear fans… beautiful… most beautiful… young and old, I can reveal that it is very difficult for a designer to come up with more new ideas for the creation of a new collection!

You know fashion and have very clear ideas about what you want. The television … the newspapers … show your idols … and the stars will make you dream! I am very jealous and preoccupied about how the fashion system is now so different from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. In those days there were the designer catwalks, which made you dream… the catwalks were special…

Today the catwalks are offering semi-minimalist collections.

Many stars have their own lines, but very often the level of the quality of their designs is not of the highest. It is the name of the star on the label that will sell!

Today I am more controversial than funny! But I want you to understand how difficult it is to make you happy! My commitment is to make you DREAM through my fashion!

Today I’m jumping from office to office … hectic day… also dedicated to the sunglasses…! I have a new designer who joined me in the creations and choices processes… constantly in search of the CAVALLI style… ideas… designs… materials…

Just Cavalli
The JUST CAVALLI collection engages me more and more… like a growing child who needs my love… who needs to be grasped by the hand and lead…
I’m working at the JUST CAVALLI collection with a special passion and I am sure that you will love the next summer collection…

JUST CAVALLI is my young line, and you know how much I love to create for young people!


Un bacino grande a tutti…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. V@lentaina
    V@lentaina says:

    penso esattamente la stessa cosa, la gente è plagiata da quello che i media propongono, forse le persone non sono più in grado di sognare, e probabilmente hanno anche perso la loro personalità.
    faccio moda nel mio piccolo, e i miei consigli fanno fatica a farsi strada finchè non vedono un “Idol” in TV che dice loro che è giusto fare in quel modo…
    io ho ancora fiducia nel sistema moda e confido in voi genii del gusto affinchè almeno voi possiate prendere a sberle il sistema 😉
    lei è il modello a cui aspiro, grazie per il suo impegno

  2. Roa
    Roa says:

    I can’t wait to see your next creations! I’m still in love with the last ones. I hope you will keep us updated about the design process you go through. I’m so interested to know how you work, how you decide what the theme/concept is for your new collection, how you make choices, who you trust making choises with you, where you get your inspiration from. I want to know everything that I am allowed to know. I am a fashion design student and I understand you completely when you said that it’s very difficult for a designer to come up with new ideas and I hear a lot of people say that everything already exists, but in my opinion I think that there is much more innovative and new ideas to come. Designing is hard work that needs a lot of research, inspiration, feeling and passion, but these ingredients help me to make a collection. That is why I’m curious and interested in knowing how you work, I want to learn from you.

    Lots of love,

  3. Alessandro
    Alessandro says:

    Buona sera sig. Cavalli. Leggo sempre delle sue giornate e mi sento vicino! Il suo modo di scrivere,di raccontare i dettagli mi fanno essere con lei,nel suo ufficio,nei lunghi corridoi fiorentini,nelle limousine che l’aspettano fluori dai G.Hotel! Brividi,piacere,angoscia…. Tanti sentimenti…. A presto,
    Il Comandante!!!

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