63. A Wonderful Park…

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

63. A wonderful park…

A wonderful park… sophisticated guests from all over the world… my friend and I keep to ourselves, feeling like a couple of locals… outsiders in our own city.

The world of skin… the leather… is here before us… displays of beautiful ladies handbags adorn the corners of the park…

Everyone is talking and several waiters make their way among the guests with great professionalism. We approach the table where the drinks are being served to get a glass of champagne, perhaps more to give us a demeanor than the desire to have a drink.

Our mouths are dry with excitement… I’m waiting for the champagne… my eyes fall on a beautiful neckline… an attractive blonde lady is standing beside me. She, too, is waiting for a drink. A good opportunity to talk… I try not to sound too Florentine.

After several pleasantries, her third question is: “Roberto, but what are you doing for a living?” This question sends me a little off balance… TILT… TILT… I am not invited… I am an intruder… I do not belong to the world of skin that is leather… but I do not lack quick-wittedness: “I am an artist … I paint and I print on leather!” I reply, blushing perhaps, or maybe chanting the last words sounding slightly hoarse.

The pretty lady looks at me curiously “On skin? Skin… skin?” “Certainly, on skin, light as silk. Leather glove kind.” I keep up my act and see her become more and more amazed which fuels the dosage of my swagger and confidence!

At this point, before continuing my story I must tell you that leather, until then, was used for sportswear, as it was heavy. Tanneries around the world just tanned leather for shoes, handbags and luggage! This explains why the lady shows so much curiosity and interest in my “business”.
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She then confides to me that she is the assistant of the designer, the owner of the villa. She shrewdly wants to introduce me to him so that he can form his own judgment about my special and very interesting work! Perhaps, she also likes my black hair and my green eyes! She takes my hand and leads me into a beautiful living room…

But let’s continue later… I do not wish to tire you… our next appointment is tomorrow!

Roberto Cavalli

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