146. The Big Apple!

Roberto Cavalli146. The Big Apple!

I spent three intense days in New York. The first day was completely dedicated to interviews and photo sessions. Many journalists from the cosmetic sector of the major American newspapers are there. A long day… tiring… but fun! I am brilliant with everyone and try not to repeat myself in my answers, even if the questions are sometimes the same!

The second day was a continuation of the first… with the compliments of all my colleagues, they found me in great shape and my answers funny! I think I won the American press over!

In the evening… Great Party… Coty, with the help of my colleagues in Milan and NY organized a wonderful evening to celebrate the launch of the Just Cavalli fragrance. Of course, the stars of the evening were Roberto Cavalli and Georgia Jagger, the lovely daughter of the great Mike Jagger, the face of the Just Cavalli perfume!

The photos and video are very beautiful and invite you to try the new fragrance. Georgia is beautiful… and very sexy!

The whole evening is held in a beautiful house in the West Village… many-storied with different activities organized on each level… one of the most distinctive areas of NY, home to many artists.

A red carpet welcomed guests, journalists and important personalities from the cosmetics world. Michele Scannavini, the great and simpatico general manager of Coty, does the honors brilliantly.

Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli perfume launchEverything is very special… a glass wall shows the inside of the pool located on the first floor, it’s fun to watch a beautiful girl fully dressed in an elegant suit swimming and gently flirting with a guy in a tuxedo… they swim and play underwater.

In a large room on the first floor there are long tables with special settings… food is served wrapped in colored napkins. I choose a seat next to Georgia… deliziosa… wrapped in a colorful Just Cavalli mini dress. Her smile lights up her face making her blue eyes shine… Georgia is the right person… a perfect testimonial for my new Just Cavalli perfume… happy… sexy… with a great desire to live!

Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli perfume launchIn a mysterious small sitting area, a fortune-teller is reading the future with cards, I was given the chance to jump the the long line of girls who wanting to know the future of their loves! The fortune teller predicted great things for me… new love… travel… and of course, big money!

Jet lag begins to bite, and for me the evening ends early while the party goes on the top floor in the disco fun!

A big hello to all and I entrust myself to Freddy, my driver, who accompanies me to my beloved apartment!

I’m back at the airport… waiting for the flight to London so that I can visit my “bambino” Robert. Actually he is not a child any longer… he is a “piccolo gigante buono” who turns nineteen in December! A special guy… he is studying Business at the University of London.

Un bacino a tutti…

Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli perfume launchRoberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli perfume launch

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!!
    Davvero suggestivo…!
    E poi i ballerini nell’acqua….mamma mia che idea! 🙂
    Senti……visto che hai parlato con la cartomante….che gli hai mica chiesto se quest’anno ci piazziamo almeno per l’europa league? (oh un si sà mai, tante le volte….) 🙂
    Un Abbraccio

  2. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli the bottle shape is pretty nice. I bet the your Just Cavalli perfume is to die for!!! Love the cute couple in the water! Looks so romantic yet it might be cold there 🙂

    Kisses & hugs

    I Love You


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