182. February 2013… Just Cavalli, The Perfume…

Roberto Cavalli with Georgia May Jagger182. February 2013… Just Cavalli, The Perfume…

The new JUST CAVALLI perfume has just been released. Flipping through Glamour Magazine I found four pages of advertising.

I am happy and I would like everyone to try my new fragrance…

Despite being a perfume designed for young ladies, sometimes I use it too… when I find the bottle at hand…

It is a special scent, gritty… sexy… I do not want to advertise it, I just want to share my thoughts and my satisfaction with you!

The beautiful young woman you see in the perfume ad… the one who will stop your eyes and who shows the kind of woman who symbolizes the JUST CAVALLI perfume is Georgia May Jagger – the beautiful young daughter of Mick Jagger, I can assure you that she is deliziosa and semplice!

She represents my fragrance beautifully!

Roberto Cavalli
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Just Cavalli For Her - Perfume

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  1. Reza
    Reza says:

    You are using a logo for just cavalli which has extrem
    Resemblance to MTO shahmaghsoudi sacred logo
    STOP using that logo
    You are offending many people
    Please publish this

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