67. By February, in The Following Season…

Roberto Cavalli at work

Roberto Cavalli at work

67. By February, in the following season, the collection had already acquired its own style. The prints were easier and everything seemed more real. I also hired some young people to help me in Paris.

I had abandoned the idea of getting into fashion so as to have a better chance with the models.

Now the reason for my presence in fashion had changed. I was enjoying myself creating designs that I thought of as my art-form.

I studied art, I always breathed art and my art could be my fashion!

February 1971, I receive many, many compliments, but the order book continues to be empty… compared to the first season, I am much more nervous… It is a failure…
I will not and can not consider myself as a “no win”.

I spend my evenings in Paris, with my closest friends, without even thinking about the models who are around me all day! The same Florentine boy, who used to spend some time with the American tourists in Piazza Signoria in Florence, is beginning to become quite serious!

I spend my days creating. I’m not worried about shaping or style. I have an Englishman in my team who is helping me. I am looking for a way to make my printed leather more special… less flat… I have to teach her to talk… move… I have to breathe life into her!

In my experiments I am printing thousands of pieces of leather in many different designs and many different colors, from black to red to white, through every range of color possible!

Roberto Cavalli colours

I like the entire set of the prints… I gather all the pieces of leather together and, closing my eyes, I begin to choose them one at a time in a completely random… spontaneous… way.
I am pleased, but I do not know how to make concrete this colored rain. I want others to share this experience, this emotion.


Each piece of leather is cut into small squares and then sewn one to the other… spontaneity becomes fantasy… I create many sheets of one meter by one meter… I cut a small garment… a blouson… a vest…

I like them, but they are a bit “too strong”… I have to keep the garments in the collection softer and more wearable…
I cut a blazer from a blue not-so-well-died leather to which I added pockets, lapels, small strips at the ends of the sleeves, these details I cut from the previously made leather patchwork.

Now I am happy! The collection begin to take shape, but there is still something that can make it even more special…

My dear friends… I’ll see you tomorrow!
I hope you are going to forgive me… It ‘s an important story, and I cannot offer it to you on a silver plate – I want you to taste it slowly… savour it… as I did!

Un bacino
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Ghazi Azzabi
    Ghazi Azzabi says:

    Saluti Roberto,

    I trust you will have had a great flight by the time you and Sandra read this.

    It was so pleasurable to see you this morning and talk so candidly about what you do, what I do and how strange the World is…it is always a mistery that is being uncovered.

    I hope the weather is not so bad when you reach Milan, after your departure, we had a sandstorm here, and I am now back in the office.

    Stay in touch and I hope we see you again soon,



  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Ciao Roberto!!
    E’ come leggere un libro, un libro dove si racconta la storia di un ragazzo che con la sua incredibile forza di volontà, e la sua capacità di credere in sè stesso, ha realizzato il suo sogno di una vita….che bello!
    Continua a raccontare….ci garba, ci garba!! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio

  3. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Buongiorno Mr Cavalli,quante belle colori nei abiti del tuo collezione,mi piace da morire.Amo i colori forte,e le stame animale.Belli davvero!!!!!!Buona gironata ancora.salute Frøydis al nord

  4. Marybeth Garcia
    Marybeth Garcia says:

    Mr. Cavalli,

    Thank you for letting us read your blog!! You are such a great fashion mind!! I just adore you!! Wish someday i could spend one hour just one hour with you!

    You are agreat mind, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

    Blessings on every single piece work of art you design!!

  5. jeyzar
    jeyzar says:

    you said you receive many, many compliments, but the order book continues to be empty, i can relate a bit, in my 3 years in fashion school and i joined many compitations and i encounter lots of people and really get good compliments about my work, some says im promising and have talent but in my 3 years in fashion school i dont get any job offers and theres no professional work. for some cercumtances i have to stop studying fashion and i have to work for some circumstances. i just feel so empty, missing my sketchhbook, my markers. and my fashion folder where my all my creations made. but thankfully we have you to inspires us everyday and help us to make one more step to look forward and move on. thanks Mr. Cavalli

  6. Calvin W. Lawrence
    Calvin W. Lawrence says:

    I am very pleased to be graced by your legendary presence. It would be a pleasure more like an honor to do business with you. I am a very humble person with common sense and a sound judgement. I have an I for fashion too! I would love for you to contact me for business

    Sincerely yours
    Calvin Winsor Lawrence

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