65. The Adrenaline Rush…

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

65. The adrenaline rush…

The enthusiasm kicks my adrenaline into gear and increases my positivity!

The “stamperia” [printing room] is a little gem that I create with very innovative ideas. I was the first in the world to print on ready-made sweaters. My designs have a critical advantage, over other prints, in that they shape the body’s silhouette.

The best Italian knitwear manufacturers are my customers. Hermes, the Parisian fashion house, also makes high quality printed knitwear with its classic designs. Their designers visit me and we study the new collection together. I take this opportunity to show them that famous printed leather – the result of my impromptu response at the party I gate-crashed!

Hermes’ young designers are very impressed with my idea, they find it to be a great, innovative, feature. Certainly of great interest to their House. They invite me to Paris to show my printed fantasy leather to the big bosses!

Then I plan a trip to Paris, I am as excited as a child! I love this feeling, it gives a special thrust to my creativity.

I am greeted very cordially and many words of wonder make me understand that is their intention to conclude an exclusive agreement very quickly! I realize that what started as a joke is resulting in some serious business… and once again, I know GOD loves me!

I fly back to Florence and, on the plane, I think and think about how I can capitalize on this idea. I cannot call it an invention, but it surely will change and expand the possibilities of the use of leather.

Leather as… fantasy… I can use my idea for light tight clothes… maybe even evening gowns. I’m dreaming… I know nothing about fashion… I’m an artist… designer who loves colors… BUT WHY NOT try to create a fashion collection in leather?

Fashion, it will open the door to opportunity… to meet beautiful models. I keep talking to myself. I took the decision after a few days of reflection I made the decision. “In a month’s time it will be the PRET A PORTER fashion show in Paris… the most important fashion exhibition… maybe there is still time… I can create a small collection… just a few pieces… to show off my new leather printing technique.”

Roberto Cavalli vintageI look for a leather-making factory… models will be very classic… after all the news is the printed leather. Two Blazers… two different forms… a vest… some dresses in different lengths… and shapes… a long evening dress… even a bathing suit… explore the possibilities!

Now what should I do? Continue?

I prefer to go gently… and have you read and reflect on my adventure…

Un bacino grande
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Vanderlei
    Vanderlei says:

    Roberto Cavalli! Il tuo nome fa tremare le porte… Non solo sei un grande stilista, ma sei un genio nella moda…
    Un caloroso abbraccio da un tuo
    piccolo grande fan

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!!!
    E’ sempre un piacere leggerti, mi piace molto come descrivi le tua avventure!!
    Sapere come sei diventato quello che sei, e’ una fonte di ispirazione per molti io credo….
    Ti auguro buona pasqua, speriamo di risentirti presto! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio


  3. Giulia
    Giulia says:

    Buongiorno sig. Cavalli tantissimi auguri di buona pasqua, passi una bella giornata con la sua famiglia.
    Ogni giorno che passa il suo racconto mi appassiona sempre di più, la prima cosa che faccio appena mi sveglio è venire su questo blog e leggere un nuovo racconto della sua fantastica avventura.

    Un abbraccio

  4. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Caro Mr Cavalli , e veramente un onore a leggere la tua storia, sei una persona con tanto entusiamo di creare nuovi abiti. Come ho detto sempre,belle foto.Tanti slauti da Frøydis al nord

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