66. End of September 1970, I Am Off to Paris With My “COLLECTION”…

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

66. End of September 1970, I am off to Paris with my “COLLECTION”, my first collection!

I arrive at the Porte de Versailles at night, search for the stand that they have assigned to me, terrible position! I could not have expected any better since I had only decided to attend at the last moment. I contact a model agency for a model to model the collection. My first model! Even this choice was made at the last minute. The idea of falling in love had crossed my mind. This model is not my type… too bad!

First day. The few visitors who pass by my booth look very curious but the novelty of my collection is such that they need time to digest it! There is always a search for something new, but it takes courage to be the first!

The experience is unique and special. Being in Paris … meeting new people… new friends with whom I am still in touch!

I can’t get demoralized and I cannot give up. I need to start learning more about the fashion world and understand the whys and wherefores of it! I am conscious of not having a product that is easy.

I start to slowly look around… I look at the collections… the styles of the other designers… I begin to understand that I cannot be completely outside the system… I should exercise my fantasy about the fashion trend… the one desired by young women.

I stop dreaming and it all starts to become more realistic! Dreams…. desires… everything seems possible.

Roberto Cavalli Vintage
Your every dream has a password that only you know and you can discover it with the strength of your will! I like to tell you my secrets. They may, at first, seem absurd. Those who know me can confirm that what I am telling you is true.

Throughout my life I have overcome so many obstacles through my will power. Without arrogance, without any help from anyone, just asking the most from myself.

I am 71 years old, I don’t deny that it seems impossible to me! I have the same guts and the same dreams I had when I started… when, without an invitation, I gate crashed that party… and even today I am exactly as I was then!

All this is thanks to the fact that I believe in my potential. I did not have an easy childhood with parents who could give me everything. Not because they were hard on me but because they themselves were not in a position to do so!

I often wonder why I want to tell you these details of my life, maybe because I want to talk to the many young people who read me…

I was like you… my fuel was my own will power!

Tomorrow I will tell you the end of my beginning and the beginning of my success…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Mariano Lumbi
    Mariano Lumbi says:

    Mr. Caballi I truly admire your story and your passion as well as your beautiful work . Each piece u create is a masterpiece and a work of art. You know women like no other designer does. Seeing your work gives me exactly what you say drive and energy to keep doing what I love. The day I meet u I will probably cry and be embarrassed . To me celebrities are designers. I send you a big hug.

    From deep in my soul

    Mariano Lumbi

  2. Gabriele
    Gabriele says:

    Ciao Roberto,
    Ci conosciamo per il discorso di Cavalli Time.
    Ci siamo visti nel volo su Dubai di giovedì , ti ho osservato e credo che hai lavorato tutto il volo ed ero curioso di vedere nel tuo blog il tuo racconto.
    Posso confermare che conoscendoti un pochino quello che racconti è veramente sincero , volevo semplicemente congratularti per essere quello che sei .

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto! Grande!!
    E’ uno spettacolo leggere la cronaca di come hai iniziato raccontata così…mi garba davvero! 🙂
    Ti immagino in quel di Versailles, la sera tardi, a cercare di organizzare il tutto, e il giorno dopo a “esporre” le tue creazioni….CHE GANZO!! 🙂
    E poi concordo al 100% quando dici:
    “Io ero come voi… la mia benzina era la mia volontà!”
    E’ vero!! con la volontà, la dedizione, l’intenzione…si riesce a fare l’impossibile!! (guarda la Fiorentina, senza 5 titolari che vince contro il Milan primo in classifica a Milano…)
    Questo secondo me è il messaggio più bello che puoi dare a tutti…! 🙂
    Un Abraccio


  4. ziad
    ziad says:

    Very realistic and inviting, something that is lacking from many designers, reveals the personal / emotional side not only the business man. I think this blog has a great potential, like a blogging autorized autobiography, also the pictures help me imagine more the era and feel it while Roberto is describing and narrating. It has something that touches with everyone in a different way ofcourse, I enjoy reading it coz its authentic and light, kind of a nice breeze and also the tweets are nice, they do complement the blog and work in synergy.

    Ero fortunato di imparare la lingua Italiana, e cosi capisco piu I l blog.

    All the best buona fortuna

  5. TA
    TA says:

    Thank you for the honest sharing! You are doing the world a lot of good by sharing. Please share your experiences as a fashion designer as much as possible!

  6. MUKY
    MUKY says:

    Dear Roberto,

    I am 73 years old and still stunning.I was even told that today at your store at Avenue Montaigne where I bought a beautiful outfit.
    I love what you make,you are my favourite and apart from my husband,a man that makes me really happy!
    I guess you love to know that,because you create that sensation of wanting Cavalli on and on and of dreaming of finding that special something after you see it,and finding it whether it is in NY,Miami,Paris or Florence where I’ve been buying you latelty!!!! Cheers to you,forever Roberto!!!!!!

  7. MIrko
    MIrko says:

    I tuoi racconti accendono in me quella forza di continuare e mai scoraggiarsi! avere fiducia in se stessi e credere in ciò che facciamo!
    grazie per le tue parole, per i tuoi consigli, per la tua forza che mi trasmetti!
    un bacio!


    Buongiorno!le parole di questa lettera mi rabbrividiscono,Ma in particolare la frase che sta infondo a tutto,si proprio l’ultima che dice “DOMANI VI RACCONTERO’ LA FINE DELL’INIZIO E L’INIZIO DEL MIO SUCCESSO”!!!sono curioso di leggere l’altra lettera ad ettendero’ con entusiasmo!!!ho conosciuto il sig.ROBERTO in negozio da CARLO BAY perche’ ho lavorato proprio li!!!saluti DARIO

  9. Anita
    Anita says:

    Good evening Mr Cavalli,

    How come you still have the same dreams as you have started if for me you made them come true ( from my point of you) 🙂
    Will of power is that force who made them real.
    I wish I could say that one day…

    With best regards

  10. Roa
    Roa says:

    From reading your previous stories I wondered how you handled the fashion industry. I know the fashion world is tough and sometimes its better to stay nice and respectful. I always work hard for everything I want I know that I have a long road in front of me but it is so good and inspiring that people like you started at the bottom and made their life how their dreams become their true lifes.

  11. Rodney
    Rodney says:

    Mr Caballi i trully admire ur motivations,u open dat sunshine through me.as a young South African u give me strenth each n evrytime i read ur inpirational mesages u bring hope to me cos fashion is my life.da problem is chancess here in South Africa are limited,tnk u Mr Cavalli keep on motivating us.

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