96. For Us the Real Celebration is Robin’s Graduation…

Eva Roberto and Robin Cavalli

Eva Roberto and Robin Cavalli

96. For us the real celebration is Robin’s graduation and I will devote all my attention and my blog to that!

I booked a good table for a dinner in the best Japanese restaurant in London, Zuma! I know Zuma because it is also one of the best restaurants in Dubai. I love Japanese food!

Mom, Dad and our fragile and excited bambino now grown into a man! The dinner is excellent… not too much… every dish is delicious! Sushi and sashimi… the highest standards! After supper… off to bed to be ready for tomorrow… the big day! Robin is a little apprehensive… wants a little time to himself!

The Big Day. A light rain in London, I was saddened when I opened the windows of my room. The sun and the warmth of Italy were only in my heart.Robin and Eva Cavalli

For a few hours I quit my beloved jeans… dark gray pants and a tight black jacket with tuxedo type lapels… a nice black shirt with soft leopard inlays and a black satin tie… elegant! Robin will be proud of me. Eva is very beautiful and special! The journey to the college at Cobham seems long… indescribable traffic… five days of holidays and big celebrations in London for the Queen’s Jubilee.

The school’s gym has been prepared for the ceremony. The presentation of the diplomas! 137 young men and women of about eighteen years of age wearing their gray scarves and graduation gowns. Their stylish hats are caps with a hard square upper part. These ceremonies are a British classic that until now I have only seen in the movies!

Eva and I managed to get front row seats, which allowed us to capture many great photos and memories on film!Robin Cavalli

I found the very entry of the students to be very emotional for me. I could not restrain a few tears that I tried to hide under my dark glasses!

Robin was beautiful, handsome. I watched him throughout the entire ceremony to enter his heart and feel with him all his sensations!

After the ceremonial speeches of the professors and students, it is finally time for the presentation of the diplomas. One at a time, as the speaker announces their names, each student steps forward… a souvenir photo is taken of each one receiving his or her diploma… all of this with the applause of all present and the whoops and screams of all the other students.

Wonderful! What a thrill! Many a tear! A final special, one… two… three… and all the students throw their hats in the air!

Applause… screams of joy… Thanks Robin… my love, you gave me great big emotions!

Mom and Dad couldn’t be more proud…

Robin Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli

ACS International Cobham

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  1. Camilla Gullà
    Camilla Gullà says:

    Questo post mi ha fatto commuovere. Conosco Robin perché frequentavamo la stessa scuola media, il Sacro Cuore di Firenze ma ció che mi ha fatto emozionare così tanto non è questo quanto le parole così dolci e piene di orgoglio per suo figlio, che senza essere nè eccessive né banali trasmettono un amore immenso. Davvero un post splendido.
    Auguri per questo grande traguardo!!

    Ps: se volesse dare un’occhiata al mio blog, l’indirizzo è http://www.camillassecrets.com sarebbe un vero onore per me.

    Un saluto

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Robin!! Ce l’hai fatta…..!! 🙂
    Mi ricordo quando mi diplomai io in italia….beh qui di berretti se ne lanciò pochi e faceva un caldo sembrava di essere nel deserto del gòbi…!! 🙂
    Belle le foto, e ganzo il video del lancio del cappello…!
    Adesso next step…università, o lavoro? A te la scelta…! 🙂
    Un abbraccio a te a tuo babbo!!

  3. susana
    susana says:

    Me encanta la emoción y el afecto tan autentico de un papá orgulloso de su hijito.Gracias por recordarme cuando egreso mi hijo,acá en San Luis Argentina,pero creo que el lugar no modifica la Alegria.Es muy lindo y emocionante como lo has vivido.Que Dios te brinde muchisimas mas eres una buena persona

  4. alyne casas ohigashi
    alyne casas ohigashi says:

    i was so moved how you expressed your emotions and the whole episode of your sons graduation….so much love i can feel even this far side from japan….im a mother of three sons too and your love shown to your son robin makes me so happy…even very famous people like you are so loving parents..congratulations, really i feel so happy to had the chance to read your blog anf facebook page.
    i love your designs too and i admire you so much as a loving father to robin. CONGRATULATIONS FROM JAPAN!!!!Hope you can come here to our place someday:)

  5. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Thank you for sharing the photos and vids of Robin’s graduation ceremony! It’s so touching. Mr Cavalli reading this post made me remember my graduation from the university last year. So many memories left!
    All the best for Robin in his future life!


    Love you


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